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    Yoshi's Battle Powers List

    I edited the list again. I separated the Androids Saga and the Cell Saga. I also used the Daiz Numbers for the late Freeza Arc to reduce bloating. I may or may not do the Boo Arc tomorrow.
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    The Androids Saga

    I'm starting to think it's its own saga, separate from Cell, and the Trunks Arc is part of that Saga. Does anyone agree with this?
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    Why I don't really care for Super much

    I love that emote.
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    News Covid Cases Spike Again, What Are the Responses in Your Area?

    I think they're kind of high here in Texas if I'm being honest.
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    DBZ Games' Popularity...

    I haven't paid any major attention to DBZ video games ever since Raging Blast. It seems to me that even though Budokai 3 was the best DBZ game, Budokai Tenkaichi 3 was the most popular and it peaked my interest in DBZ video games. I know a lot of people were disappointed when Raging Blast came...
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    Do We Live in a Sick Society?

    I've always been a non-conformist as well as individualistic. Probably to the extent that it scares most people. I think humans are naturally weak and desire trivial things to please themselves, as well as trying their hardest to fit into a group of people. I always say work toward getting what...
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    Meme Thread

    Cats and Pinnipeds (Seals & Sea Lions) are the only truly carnivorous animals in the mammalian carnivore (or Carnivoran) family tree.
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    Meme Thread

    I love Spongebob memes.
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    4th of July plans?

    I'll probably be on the roof of my house with my brother watching fireworks in the horizon.
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    Yamcha Strikes Out

    I agree. It also makes you imagine that this might have happened in the actual DB universe too, or at least to a certain degree.
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    Yamcha Strikes Out

    I like how Krillin was the only one who gave a shit when he hit a homerun.
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    Video Games Beating Brock With Just Pikachu...

    I beat his Geodude with Pikachu using two potions, and I managed to rough up Onix some before it defeated Pikachu and I finished the Onix off with Pidgeotto. That was fun! I had one spare potion left that I forgot about. Oh well... LOL.
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    Video Games Beating Brock With Just Pikachu...

    Hey guys, I just started a new game on my Yellow Version, and I decided to just beat Brock with Pikachu. Well, technically I also have Pidgeotto, but I'm not going to use Butterfree, Mankey, or Nidoran Male or Female to help me this time, since those are the only three easy ways to beat Brock...
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    I didn’t realize this was a thing

    Welcome Gattsu! This place will blow DBZF and DBZeta out of the water for sure one day.
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    Which voices do you think fit the characters the best?

    Goku and Krillin in the English Dub are the best in my opinion.