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  1. goldenfriezaiscool

    Goku vs Vegeta: Who is better?

    Fighter Goku Husband/Father vegeta Ally Goku Friend Goku LeaderGoku goku sucks at being a husband or father.
  2. goldenfriezaiscool

    Dragon Ball Do you miss the older fighting style from Dragon Ball?

    I have not watched dragon ball but I read the first volume and I think it is cooler how they are fighting in dragon ball, but I also like the dragon ball z fighting way.
  3. goldenfriezaiscool

    beerus kills the sayian race and dinosaurs

    I was reading my dragon ball super manga #1 and found out that Beerus told frieza to kill the sayians, then I looked it up why he told frieza to kill the sayians and its because king vegeta gave beerus the "second best pillow in the universe" and he wiped out the dinosaurs for being rude to him.
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    If Goku never landed on Earth...

    I agree,
  5. goldenfriezaiscool

    Future Trunks vs Present Trunks

    I say present trunks because look at all the people that are still alive that can train him.
  6. goldenfriezaiscool

    What character could you see turning "bad" again?

    android 17 I don't like him (I have not seen super yet or dragon ball z season five)
  7. goldenfriezaiscool

    Will we see a main character loss in the future?

    well they have dragon balls so they can just wish them back.
  8. goldenfriezaiscool

    Goku had to have experienced God kii before DBS

    have not seen this part or read it yet but that makes since.
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    Has Bulma ever had any female friends?

    heh yeah I don't really think she had any female friends.
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    ah, ok.
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    who made this forum?

    ok cool.
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    yeah some thing like that,
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    who made this forum?

    any body know who made this forum?
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    there should be a side bar where people can talk to each other on it.
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    Favorite Fights

    I have not seen past season four (can not find the next dragon ball z season at Walmart yet *sigh*) but goku vs frieza was the best because frieza beat up every one then goku destroyed him frieza was super scared awesome!
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    Anime that makes you laugh

  17. goldenfriezaiscool

    Favorite Manga Artwork

    aw man I don't know, I would say dragon ball z then Tokyo ghoul.
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    Favorite Shonen Series

    dragon ball z then Naruto,
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    no not yet I do not know what its about but the cover looks cool,
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    come talk about tokyo ghoul at anteiku cafe.

    hey I do not know if this can go here but I did not see any else good place. I have read Tokyo ghoul up to manga 13 the library I go to did not have #14 so it sucks, I made this so people can talk about Tokyo ghoul, have fun!