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  1. India Actual

    Goku had to have experienced God kii before DBS

    I smell retrospect coming on! Listen, I applaud the writers for picking up on factoids they can use for future narrative. It's a m***** f***** to write cohesive plot lines. Hindsight is 20/20 after all. :cheeky:
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    Current situation

    This photo with this album on Thursday with drinks. This is to you Dragon Ball forums. Addendum: Then this happened...
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    Manhole Covers in Japan

    If those were around circa 2002, I would have definitely stolen one during one of my many drunken Japan capers. I have since reevaluated my life and decided to adult more often. :win:
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    YouTube Your favorite youtuber/s?

    For all your Dragon Ball related content I watch: Geekdom101 MasakoX To follow Vic Mignona related news and other comic and anime related happenings: Yellow Flash2 For pure entertainment and other interests: Garand Thumb......Ladies, Gentleman, Attack Helicopters, and F-35s,if you've ever...
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    Favorite Ki Attack

    This Warp Kamehameha right here. 😂
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    Favorite Dragon Ball Saga

    Saiyan Saga because it made you feel the stakes as the Z fighters were wiped out one by one. Will Son Goku make it in time? Is he powerful enough to stand up to this threat that felled so many of his allies? Kaoiken x4 Kamehameha vs Galick-ho!
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    Music What song are you listening to?

    That kind of night...
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    Current situation

    Obligatory band t-shirt on a kick ass Friday night!
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    FanFic The Saiyan of Two Universes Saga, A Dragon Ball story

    Chapter 7: (Part 4) Moments earlier Goten and Shihori began to slide toward one another while swinging their arms around above their heads, “FUU...” once the correct number of steps were take they crossed their arms over their bodies and took the opposite pose with their inside legs facing...
  10. India Actual

    FanFic The Saiyan of Two Universes Saga, A Dragon Ball story

    Chapter 7: (Part 3) Earth The gang was all gathered back at Capsule Corporation preparing to have some lunch when an excited voice cut into Goku’s mind, “Son Goku! Can you hear me?” Goku stopped laughing at the joke that Shihori had told him about rubber chickens and answered back in his...
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    FanFic The Saiyan of Two Universes Saga, A Dragon Ball story

    Chapter 7: (Part 2) Earth They reappeared suddenly on the patio of an enormous house in the middle of the day. A woman with blue hair was sitting by a table holding onto a baby with blue hair. She stood up and approached the group with the baby girl in her arms, “Vegeta! Where did you run off...
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    FanFic The Saiyan of Two Universes Saga, A Dragon Ball story

    Chapter 7: I Wish for Despair Age 780, Planetoid Pas It has been several months since Shihori’s return to Korian. The pair had been spending their days training with one another to increase their abilities and hone their techniques. The father-daughter duo stood out on the wind-swept plains of...
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    FanArt Original character art

    New story artwork to share.
  14. India Actual

    FanArt Original character art

    An original Saiyan character I created named Korian. You can read all about him here The Saiyan of Two Universes Saga
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    Current situation

    After a 13 hour day of doing business. It’s time to drink like a Japanese salaryman.
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    DBZ Games Website

    I don’t see it listed but back when I was a teen I had an original copy of Dragon Ball GT Final Bout for PS1. In retrospect it was a crappy fighting game but it was super cool to be able to play as SSJ4 Goku when GT was barely a thing in the U.S. at the time.
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    Greeting everyone

    Welcome to the party!
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    Moments that gave you goosebumps

    Dragon Fist Explosion!! If Goku Can't Do It, Who Will?