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  1. Beerus

    TV Final Space

    Anyone else here watching Final Space? At first, I wasn't sure how I felt about it but the more you watch, the better it gets. They do some very deep, dark, and depressing angles that really make you feel for the characters. They are on their third season right now so if you haven't checked...
  2. Beerus

    TV What are you watching?

    Started re-watching Rick and Morty since the new season is coming out this fall. Also got into Final Space. Decent adult toon with some very dark angles.
  3. Beerus

    beerus kills the sayian race and dinosaurs

    Moved your thread to the manga section :gokuup: Yeah this was touched on in DBS as well as the Broly movie. I find it interesting that Frieza wasn't the only one to have a role in Planet Vegeta's destruction. It would be interesting to later find out that Whis was behind it all having known...
  4. Beerus

    Goku had to have experienced God kii before DBS

    I clearly overlooked this thread lol I completely forgot about this but it makes sense for Goku. He has actually been close to "higher beings" since early on in DBZ when he formed a bond/friendship with King Kai. Maybe this is why Beerus picked up on his vision. I mean it really isn't clear...
  5. Beerus

    Manhole Covers in Japan

    These are pretty cool. I like how bright they are. Reminds me a bit of pogs lol
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    Oh! I see the issue. You have to rank up a bit more to unlock it. You need: 250 posts, 5 threads, 25 likes
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    It isn't an option on your profile? Or you mean you can't design one? I think the gerbil in my head is on break lol
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    who made this forum?

    I'm a fan of Dragon Ball and like talking about it. I figured I can make a forum to talk about it with others online since offline, I don't know any fans. Jay handles all the background work for me so the place doesn't go up in flames. lol
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    I know what a signature is, I was asking specifically about it being "proper". That I do not understand.
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    Have Resource Section

    The fandom section can house these kinds of threads for the time being. Since the forum is still in its baby stages, we aren't looking to expand anything until necessary. I will keep the idea on the back-burner for now.
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    I have overlooked this thread, my apologies. What do you mean by proper signatures?
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    I deleted your other thread. A chat has been considered for the forum but only when more members join. As of right now, it is too slow to justify the cost.
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    who made this forum?

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    Welcome :hiya: Hope you are enjoying it here.
  15. Beerus

    Dragon Ball Question regarding the 23rd tournament title card

    I am not sure if they have their own (bgm?) name but I know it starts on episode 133 and finishes on 153.
  16. Beerus

    more powerful!?

    Gohan's Saiyan rage is what unlocked his power. He was not able to control it at first. This is why he was more powerful than Goku. I don't think we actually saw Goku's true Saiyan rage until he turned into a Super Saiyan facing Frieza. Ironically enough, having the emotion come from the heart...
  17. Beerus

    Dragon Ball GT Best GT Moment Super Sayain 4 Fusion Gogeta

    I wasn't sure how I felt about the first SS4 transformation because of Goku needing to become the ape first. I know in DBZ, Vegeta was able to control his ape form fairly well but Goku couldn't after all that time? Seemed weird to me. I mean I guess Vegeta could have practiced controlling...
  18. Beerus

    SPOILER! Dragon Ball Super - Ep. 124 Discussion

    Dragon Ball Super Episode 124 Air Date August 17th, 2019 "The Ferocious Overwhelming Attack! Gohan's Last Stand!"
  19. Beerus

    SPOILER! Dragon Ball Super - Ep. 123 Discussion

    Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 Air Date August 10th, 2019 "Body, Soul and Power Unleashed! Goku and Vegeta!"
  20. Beerus

    newest shop found!!

    It appears to be deactivated. Not entirely sure how shopify works though.