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  1. Yoshioka Seijuro

    News Male Nurse Beats Elderly Men

    It's crazy but it does make a lot more sense now.
  2. Yoshioka Seijuro

    News Business Cover Ups on Grubhub

    This is a little off topic, but I occasionally go to Chuck E. Cheese's just to eat the Pizza.
  3. Yoshioka Seijuro

    Future Sections

    Have you considered making a General Anime & General Manga section once this forum gets really active? If so, what sections do you think it would entail? Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece?
  4. Yoshioka Seijuro

    Advertisement Campaign

    Any news on the YouTube channel?
  5. Yoshioka Seijuro

    Working on getting healthier

    I plan to walk my Husky every other day, I've been doing it lately anyway but she had to be taken to the vet for something. I think once I get my job back after this Quarantine is over, I'll be able to have more energy that way too and feel happier as well.
  6. Yoshioka Seijuro

    News Former WWE Star Shad Gaspard Swept Out to Sea After Rescuers Save His Son

    It's stories like these that make me realize how hard it really is to tread water off the shore of beaches. Pretty scary to think about, really.
  7. Yoshioka Seijuro

    News Male Nurse Beats Elderly Men

    This is pretty sick. As a nurse, he did the exact opposite of what his job expected him to do.
  8. Yoshioka Seijuro

    How often do your fast food orders get messed up?

    Usually they get messed up because they forgot something and not because they gave you something you didn't want.
  9. Yoshioka Seijuro

    News 20 year-old Goes to Westgate in Glendale, AZ to "Shoot 10 People" because he "Felt Bullied"

    I just don't understand the mindset of some shooters who target innocent people instead of those that victimize them.
  10. Yoshioka Seijuro

    Seto's Status Update...

    You're a good person too India.
  11. Yoshioka Seijuro

    Seto's Status Update...

    I agree, I personally have met a lot of shitty people online. I can tell this forum has a lot of promise regarding friendship and actually caring about each other, so I have this to look forward to.
  12. Yoshioka Seijuro

    Seto's Status Update...

    He gave me the idea to share something personal with you guys... I've already told Beerus about this through Private Message after this member called NormalSSJGoku registered and got banned, but I figured I would finally come out and tell all of you. I was cyberbullied for about a year by a...
  13. Yoshioka Seijuro

    Anime character busts

  14. Yoshioka Seijuro

    If given the choice, who would you like to see return?

    I don't watch Super but if I were to really choose, Maron, because she's the hottest female character in the franchise, and since she was mentioned in the show anyway.
  15. Yoshioka Seijuro

    Anyone knows what is the correct english pronuntiation of all characters and techniques on DB?

    I think I brought up the actual Japanese pronunciations.
  16. Yoshioka Seijuro

    Which Anime Characters do you ship together?

    I also ship Guts and Casca. I think in the beginning of the Golden Age she was in love with Griffith, but by the end of the Golden Age she was in love with Guts. If Guts and Casca don't end up together, Farnese is the next choice obviously... Especially since the third option would be Schierke...
  17. Yoshioka Seijuro

    Anyone knows what is the correct english pronuntiation of all characters and techniques on DB?

    For the characters - Krillin = Kuririn Bulma = Buruma Tien = Tenshinhan Chiaotzu = Chaozu Frieza = Freeza Buu = Boo Cui = Kiwi Guldo = Gurudo Jeice = Jheese Burter = Buhteh Recoome = Reacoom Pui Pui = Pocus Techniques - Special Beam Cannon = Makankosappo Tri Beam = Kikoho Destructo Disc =...
  18. Yoshioka Seijuro

    TV I'm watching...

    Rewatching Avatar: The Last Airbender with my brother since it's on Netflix now. It's really good for a kid show. Might watch Korra after that too, even though the ending of it sucks ass.
  19. Yoshioka Seijuro

    Dragon Ball Character Social Media Bios

    How did you upload that image?
  20. Yoshioka Seijuro

    Movies How would Goku from the movies fare against villains from the manga?

    He takes way too long to go Super Saiyan in the Movies.