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  1. Random Saiyan

    Television Star Wars the Bad Batch

    Is anyone watching this ? It's a good show IMO
  2. Random Saiyan

    Television Transformers

    Anyone here Transformers fans ? Which Transformer is you favorite Character ?
  3. Random Saiyan

    Random Saiyan's Thread of Randomness

    Post random Stuff here ! have fun and enjoy ! :)
  4. Random Saiyan

    Thoughts of The Random Saiyan

    The past few days i have been doing some thinking and Soul searching. I've basically ended a ....err toxic friendship. (Long Story) Now i am Focusing on Myself and Pursuing my dreams and Goals and beginning the Healing Process 1. Working on my Book 2. I'm looking into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu...
  5. Random Saiyan

    Mobile Fighter G Gundam

    Who remembers this Anime ?
  6. Random Saiyan

    Hello !

    I basically stumbled upon this forum awhile back …. Dragonball,DragonBall Z and Dragonball Super are a few of my Favorite anime's