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  1. Giga Hertz

    SPOILER! Chapter 80

    So that was something. I can't wait for Goku to turn Ultra Instinct 2 (or Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Ultra Instinct) to fix this. All srsness, I did wonder how this would actually turn out. The fact Gas still had a little something extra did make it a little more interesting.
  2. Giga Hertz

    Multi-Form - Sentience and Existentiality

    So this has always bothered me... So we all know about the Multi-Form technique, and that all of the clones seem cable of operating independently. Piccolo and Tien constantly fight with themselves, and Piccolo even converses with his clone. And when taken enough damage the clones eventually...
  3. Giga Hertz

    Assassination Classroom

    Has anyone else seen this? It's amazing how epic yet somehow wholesome it is.
  4. Giga Hertz

    Legacy of Goku trilogy

    Anyone else love these games as much as me? :D
  5. Giga Hertz

    What's your occupation?

    Sysadmin here. Just thought I'd see what all the other nerds do. :fixed:
  6. Giga Hertz

    Favourite Music Track

    What's everyone's favourite track for any variation of series, dub, composer, whatever. I quite like the Funimation stuff, in particular the Super Saiyan theme - I thought the way it was introduced was perfect, down to all the cues and build up. Gohan's Innocence and Peaceful Namek/Namekian...
  7. Giga Hertz

    Would you play a sequel or remake of any old games?

    I've always been a huge fan of the Legacy of Goku trilogy (LOG, LOG2 and Buu's Fury) and as a kid was desperate to play a GT sequel with the same gameplay. Some years on, I'm struggling to see if Super or GT would make practical sequels to LOG. I also really love Dragon Ball Z: Super Saiya...
  8. Giga Hertz

    Fan Game - Goku's Tale (2021 October - v0.1.1)

    Current Release: v0.1.1 (October 2021) Currently in Development: Tournament Saga Goku's Tale is a retelling of Dragon Ball from the start, in JRPG format. The game is still in development, and is playable for the entirety of the Emperor Pilaf Saga. It's just a little something I'm working on in...