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  1. dragonballboy06

    SPOILER! Dragon Ball Super: Broly - Thoughts & Opinions

    I like the original broly better... He was more of a brute, more of a monster. This broly was more human and gentle.... I prefer the savage lol
  2. dragonballboy06

    Favorite Dragon Ball Saga

    I like dbz in general, but I feel like it was always better when the characters were weaker.... more was at stake like DEATH... the fights were more nuanced and precise and technical.... But I feel like as time progressed and people got too strong it was more about explosions and...
  3. dragonballboy06

    Dragon Ball Z Who was the weakest link of the entire series?

    ^ ^ ^ yeah pretty much I think the humans in general were the weakest link (literally and figuratively lol) After all the saiyans got too strong the humans became kinda irrelevant, THANKS FREIZA
  4. dragonballboy06


    Just saying hi... DBZ was my show.... still obsessed with it 20ish year later lol