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  1. Yoshioka Seijuro

    Top 12 Dragon Ball Techniques

    If the Kikoho is on this list, it's only fitting that the Kienzan would be too.
  2. Yoshioka Seijuro

    What would a Christmas episode look like?

    I find it especially odd because even less popular Manga had canon references to Christmas like Fairy Tail and Toriko. But not Dragon Ball. LOL.
  3. Yoshioka Seijuro

    Favorite Dragon Ball Saga

    There really wasn't any implication that he would be a schoolboy like Chi Chi wanted him to be after the Cell Games, much less give up fighting. I hate to say it, but he was a more serious warrior during Freeza and Cell than he was in Boo.
  4. Yoshioka Seijuro

    Favorite Dragon Ball Saga

    That might be why Toei Animation made Goku the star in so many of their movies... LOL.
  5. Yoshioka Seijuro

    Favorite Dragon Ball Saga

    I disagree. Gohan was the most popular character in the Manga during his fight with Cell. Toriyama just pushed him back into the schoolboy role he once had, and his popularity plummeted. I liked Mystic Gohan, but he also failed to live up to SSJ2 Gohan's charisma during the Cell Games.
  6. Yoshioka Seijuro

    Saiyan strength

    There's no limits in Dragon Ball. The entire story is about surpassing your limits. At least that's what Goku and Vegeta have been doing, and they made that evident at the End Of Z, where Base Goku and Base Vegeta thought Fat Boo was no challenge to them, and Base Goku fought Oob, who was...
  7. Yoshioka Seijuro

    Manga Is Killing Comics

    Yeah, I feel that is the biggest reason why DC and Marvel are dying out. They're catering to politics way too much.
  8. Yoshioka Seijuro

    Pokemon Maingame Tier List

    I find it interesting that you don't like the third editions like Yellow, Crystal, and Platinum as much as the original versions.
  9. Yoshioka Seijuro

    Manga Is Killing Comics

    I don't have a specific source since I have been reading this all over Google and YouTube since I first found this out. Apparently Manga is overtaking Comic Books as the interest in Manga in the West keeps growing and the Comic Book industry is also dying. I find this very interesting because...
  10. Yoshioka Seijuro

    Pokemon Maingame Tier List

    Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are a lot worse as remakes than Fire Red and Leaf Green, as well as Heart Gold and Soul Silver. In my opinion, of course.
  11. Yoshioka Seijuro

    Pokemon Maingame Tier List Mine:
  12. Yoshioka Seijuro

    Most Emotional Moments

    This scene isn't anything to shed tears over, but it's still a powerful moment. It's also the moment where Vegeta officially became a good guy in my opinion.
  13. Yoshioka Seijuro

    Most Emotional Moments

    Vegeta avenging Trunks is another really good one, I agree. And Trunks' whole past is tragic. It's so satisfying to see him kill the future androids and Cell.
  14. Yoshioka Seijuro

    Most Emotional Moments

    Majin Vegeta's sacrifice has to be it for me personally. Even if Vegeta was being an asshole before that, he went out like a champ.
  15. Yoshioka Seijuro

    Manga With Hiatuses

    Berserk, Hunter X Hunter, Vagabond, and Vinland Saga. One Piece to a lesser extent too. Do you guys have hope that any of these will finish. One Piece will definitely finish, and I think Berserk, Hunter X Hunter, and Vinland Saga will too, although those three will take more time. It's only...
  16. Yoshioka Seijuro

    Dragon Ball tropes

    Gonard from Kappa Mikey. It's more subtle, but he's based off of Goku and he has the same voice actor as Goku in the Funimation Dub.
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    Hello and welcome to the forum.
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    I turned the Future Trunks Saga into a full length movie

    Looks like you got no response when you posted this on DBZF or DBZeta. No surprise there.
  19. Yoshioka Seijuro

    Video Games Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield

    Are you getting these games if you haven't already? If you already have, what are your thoughts on them? Sword and Shield have been receiving some serious heat from Pokemon fans and critics alike, but honestly I think the cracks were already starting to show before this in X & Y and Sun & Moon...
  20. Yoshioka Seijuro

    Dragon Ball Z Favorite Ginyu Force Member?

    It has to be Recoome for me. Jeice and Ginyu survived longer but Recoome had better fights than Jeice and wasn’t handled as poorly as Ginyu (I thought the body swapping was stupid). It’s worth noting that Burter had a worse time on the battlefield than Jeice and Guldo was a lot weaker than...