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  1. Yoshi

    DBF Community Chat Thread

  2. Yoshi

    General Art Thread!

    I once drew a picture of multiple Toon Links in different color tunics when I was in Intermediate School. Since it was so long ago, I can’t remember what I did with it.
  3. Yoshi

    AMA I'm succumbing to the trend, AMA

    Do you have a crush on anyone else at the moment?
  4. Yoshi

    DBF Community Chat Thread

    I would think Antarctica is too far south to experience something like that.
  5. Yoshi

    Moving On From Nintendo…

    Wonder is undoubtedly better than the New Super Mario Bros games, and even the NES classics and the SNES classics, as well as the Super Mario Land games, but Odyssey is the only open world Mario game and the only 3D Mario games that follow its sandbox style to a lesser extent are 64 and...
  6. Yoshi

    Moving On From Nintendo…

    How accessible does Sony make their old games on the PlayStation 5?
  7. Yoshi

    Dragon Ball Super I want DBS to be back soon

    I wonder how much control Toyotaro and Toei will be given over Super in the future.
  8. Yoshi

    Started playing Kakarot and I love it.

    I usually don’t like DBZ games after Budokai Tenkaichi 3, but Kakarot does sound appealing to me.
  9. Yoshi

    DBF Community Chat Thread

    Like the ocean? LOL.
  10. Yoshi

    Was Bill Clinton the greatest American President ever?

    He was better than Bush and Obama, but the best he could hope for is best president in our lifetime.
  11. Yoshi

    Yoshi Reads Fairy Tail

    I finished Season 1 a while back. I’m going to continue this since I finished watching Anime with my brother.
  12. Yoshi

    Would you live in "The Line"?

  13. Yoshi

    Trophies and Promotions

    They should be black star dragon balls.
  14. Yoshi

    DBF Community Chat Thread

    I hear that one will happen in 2045 too.
  15. Yoshi

    Moving On From Nintendo…

    I would honestly have to say games like Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter, etc. I love platforming games in general. I might look into some Capcom and Ubisoft video games outside of Megaman and Rayman which I’m also getting into at the moment, like Resident Evil, Assassin’s...
  16. Yoshi

    Magnetic Field Flip

    Technically the Earth is still vulnerable to a solar flare regardless of our magnetic field. Then again the Earth is vulnerable to a lot of things.
  17. Yoshi

    Trophies and Promotions

    What Dragon Balls are listed alongside them?
  18. Yoshi

    DBF Community Chat Thread

    Did anyone in the United States see the eclipse the other day?
  19. Yoshi

    Moving On From Nintendo…

    I am not a fan of Nintendo’s activity during the Switch era, whether it be not making Odyssey 2 and instead releasing a baby game like Wonder, changing up the Zelda formula and being pigheaded about their refusal to change it, or the Pokémon games on the Switch being so bad that they’re...