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  1. Teen Gohan

    Last thing you ate?

    uhh just the chicken sandwich and a poutine. (canada only)
  2. Teen Gohan

    Last thing you ate?

  3. Teen Gohan

    The God of High School

    meh show imo. only watched 2 episodes though but from what my friends also said, not really anything special
  4. Teen Gohan

    Weakest Villain?

  5. Teen Gohan

    Dragon Ball How would today's fanbase react to Dragon Ball?

    It'd do okay, but it nearly wouldn't be as big as people think. Dragonball Z is only on my list cause of nostalgia. If it weren't for that, it wouldn't be even on the list.
  6. Teen Gohan

    End of the year goals?

    I think the only goals I made for this year aside from my career stuff was to read like 4 books and I have yet to do so. :sleep: COVID did put a halt to a lot of plans/goals, but I haven't really thought about how to reach those goals with the handicap that is COVID. Although, I'll say I did do...
  7. Teen Gohan

    Favorite Anime

    I'm assuming this is in order but damn, HxH over a few of these idk about. (I'm aware this is your opinion just weird to see HxH so high over a few of these shows.)
  8. Teen Gohan

    Least favorite anime!

    dragonball super
  9. Teen Gohan

    Last thing you ate?

    you were too lazy to cook weren't you. :cheeky:
  10. Teen Gohan

    Meme Thread

    that's fair. but I also feel like everyone has an opinion about something regardless of how much knowledge they have on the subject. it depends how much their opinion you validate which I personally wouldn't if they had no knowledge of it. If you get what I'm saying?
  11. Teen Gohan

    Meme Thread

    You can still have an opinion about something, but I always let people know that i haven't looked much into it beforehand so my opinion might not hold as much weight.
  12. Teen Gohan

    Last thing you ate?

    relax Gordan Ramsay
  13. Teen Gohan

    Future Sections

  14. Teen Gohan

    How would you fix Dragon Ball (any series)?

    no pan is the best part what you talking about willis?
  15. Teen Gohan

    How would you fix Dragon Ball (any series)?

    I wouldn't do Super and would just redo GT with Goten, Trunks and Goku going outer space. (I also wouldn't have Goku turn into a kid, but would keep the Super Sayian 4 form.)
  16. Teen Gohan

    Last thing you ate?

    Had black coffee. Haven't eaten yet. :(
  17. Teen Gohan

    Merch G-Shock DBZ Watch

    kinda ugly
  18. Teen Gohan

    News The George Floyd Minneapolis Riot

    I'm surprised Jay's work still operating. Hopefully they take precaution for him or maybe have paid leave. Too dangerous at this point.