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  1. Punkhead

    Last thing you ate?

    I became friends with a lot of British people so that doesn't help
  2. Punkhead

    Last thing you ate?

    There is a reason I didin't celebrate the Fourth, lol
  3. Punkhead

    Favorite character in Dragon Ball?

    Yeah. Began rewatching the series from Dragon Ball to current, and he really grew on me. Especially, the whole "ha ha ha! He is just an old horny man" when really he is still a badass fighter underneath.
  4. Punkhead

    Forum Game This or That?

    Sonic Boom Sonic or Mario
  5. Punkhead

    Last thing you ate?

    English Breakfast w/h English Breakfast Tea
  6. Punkhead

    Favorite character in Dragon Ball?

    Changing my answer to Master Yoshi
  7. Punkhead

    AMA Ask Me Anything...

    If you could create a new sport what would it be called.
  8. Punkhead

    Forum Game This or That?

    Mario Gollf Paper Mario or Mario RPG
  9. Punkhead

    Helluva Boss

  10. Punkhead

    Favorite Quotes?

    Been rewatching the series off and on and even been watching clips online, and I begin thinking of some of the quotes that I would quote from this show. My favorite quote of the series comes from Master Roshi when he is facing Ganos and he says: "Now, listen to me, boys! Always remember these...
  11. Punkhead

    Television MILF Manor - WTF

    I love Dane's reaction to this
  12. Punkhead

    Helluva Boss

  13. Punkhead

    Music What song are you listening to?

    If you don't get this song than I question you. Also, I may have become a Billie fan.
  14. Punkhead

    Metallica’s St. Anger (2003).

    St. Anger had a lot of potential considering that it was supposed to Metallica's last album and huge send off to their fans. You can even tell in most of the songs on this cd because it makes references to previous albums. As for being the better album between the Black and Load/Reload, I...
  15. Punkhead

    Television The End of Obesity

    Here I though Ozempic was used for diabetes.
  16. Punkhead

    Other Blue Lock

    Nice, and i read/watched it because I got into sports anime for a while because it kind of started booming and this was one of the first one I read.
  17. Punkhead

    Helluva Boss

    Trailer for the next season has dropped and it seems like it will be great and answer some of the questions many had.
  18. Punkhead

    Other Blue Lock

    I watched the anime and thought it was decent nothing too groundbreaking or anything, but it was fun for what it is.
  19. Punkhead

    Television The Simpsons.

    Favorite ep is from season 6 and is episode 13 entitled "And Maggie Make Three". Even if you have kids that ep hits the feels deep and hard.
  20. Punkhead

    YouTube #EndSlothHate

    My spirit animal