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  1. Yami Marik

    Are you glad Akira Toriyama is dead?

    Because I sure am. He was a nerdy no talent Asian piece of shit.
  2. Yami Marik

    Television The Simpsons.

    Just kidding. The Simpsons fucking suck especially 90’s Simpsons. And fuck the liberal douchebag who created that Frank Grimes episode. Hate that episode with a passion as it is so mean spirited and it fucking sucks.
  3. Yami Marik

    Television The End of Obesity

    South Park fucking sucks.
  4. Yami Marik

    Music What song are you listening to?

    Here is a track that’s a lot less decisive:
  5. Yami Marik

    Music What song are you listening to?

    I know this is widely considered one of Metallica’s worst songs, but I love it anyways LOL:
  6. Yami Marik

    Metallica’s St. Anger (2003).

    Yeah I know James and Lars made a lot of really dumb comments in the 90’s like making fun of Kurt Cobain’s suicide and Layne Staley‘s addiction. They could be absolute pricks back then, I won’t deny that. That hasn’t gone unnoticed with me at all.
  7. Yami Marik

    Television The Simpsons.

    After looking back at the episode list for Season 10, I take back what I said about Season 12. I think I still enjoy Season 10 the most of Y2K seasons, but 12 is still a very good season and definitely an improvement over 11, though I know a lot of fans see Behind The Laughter as the perfect...
  8. Yami Marik

    Television The Simpsons.

    I’d say off all the seasons between 10-14, 12 is a little underrated and the best season of those seasons. A Tale Of Two Springfields, Skinner’s Sense Of Snow, HOMR, Trilogy Of Error, Hungry Hungry Homer, Insane Clown Poppy, New Kids On The Blecch, etc. I have some nostalgia for this season as...
  9. Yami Marik

    Television The Simpsons.

    Any big Simpsons fans here? What’s your favorite Simpsons character and episode and why? I’m one of the many fans who definitely leans towards the 90’s/Early-2000’s of The Simpsons and thinks the show really went downhill after Season 15 (although for most people it’s either Season 9 or 11 or...
  10. Yami Marik

    Recent Purchases

    Last things I purchased: A Homer Simpson figure to display on my shelf in my room. A Bob’s Burgers Gene Belcher figure to display on my shelf in my room. A 1999 Darth Maul figure to display on my shelf in my room. An Officer Marge Simpson figure for my mother for Mother’s Day. Linkin Park’s...
  11. Yami Marik

    Was Bill Clinton the greatest American President ever?

    And will he always be the greatest President America has ever seen? Because I personally think so. Anyone who thinks otherwise just wasn’t even alive to remember what the 1990’s were like America or just has a very blurry memory of the decade. Clinton wasn’t the greatest person morally, but...
  12. Yami Marik


    My ranking of Metallica’s albums: 1. Load (1996) 2. Reload (1997) 3. Garage Inc. (1998) 4. Master Of Puppets 5. Ride The Lightning (1984) 6. …And Justice For All (1988) 7. Metallica (The Black Album) (1991) 8. Kill ‘Em All (1983) 9. St. Anger (2003) (I think I was high when I made that thread...
  13. Yami Marik

    Metallica’s St. Anger (2003).

    I’ll probably get a lot of hate for this and everyone here is going to laugh at me and completely disagree with me and that’s fine, but I think I consider St. Anger to be by far my favorite Metallica album and when I really think about it…it’s the Metallica album I find myself coming back to the...
  14. Yami Marik

    LEGO Bionicle.

    Me too, and I find it interesting that Bionicle was the toy that saved LEGO from bankruptc even though I played with LEGOS before Bionicle even came into existence. One thing I didn’t like about Bionicle is how expensive the sets were as a kid and it was really expensive to buy the latest sets...
  15. Yami Marik

    Recent DB Purchases

    Thanks!!! I like to wear stuff like this because I like to look feminine and show off my love for strong female characters (well Chi-Chi had the potential to be a strong female character at one point, LOL).
  16. Yami Marik

    LEGO Bionicle.

    Anyone who use to collect Bionicle sets back in the day? Did you ever read the comics or books or follow the lore or no? I didn’t get into it until 2003 and my interest in Bionicle peaked in the Mid-2000’s. My avatar is a picture of the set Toa Metru Nokama swimming in the water from 2004.