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  1. Jay

    Want more Internet privacy? Post within

    Online privacy works best the more people who seek it, a true herd immunity. If you want to stop being spied on, let me know below what services you use and I'll suggest similar, privacy-focused alternatives. Web browsers, email providers, DNS, Android apps, anything at all.
  2. Jay

    Video Games Join Our Farm on Stardew Valley

    @Beerus and I just got Stardew Valley (40% off on Steam), does anyone else here play it? If so, come play with us. Tell us your Steam ID and we'll invite you to the farm.
  3. Jay

    Television Mr. Robot is the highest rated TV show ever...?

    I've long been annoyed by the overall IMDB score of 8.5 for Mr. Robot, it's far too low and I've now proved it. I calculated the average score across all of the individual episode scores and it comes out at 9.1. Breaking Bad (which scores 9.5 overall) scores 9.0. Considering that BB is widely...
  4. Jay

    Join us on Riot

    I've made a private room for DBF members on If you don't know what that is, just think Discord but privacy-focused. Download the app or launch it in your browser: Click here Create an account, let me know your username and you'll receive an invite. Your username will typically be...
  5. Jay

    AMA I don't watch Dragon Ball, AMA

  6. Jay

    Television I'm watching...

    Share what TV shows you are currently watching. @Beerus and I just started Westworld, 1 episode in. Very intriguing, no idea where this will go but seems very promising.
  7. Jay

    Anime News Sources

    Do you know of any news websites which provide an RSS feed? I'd like to set up an import of news to the forum but don't know which to choose.
  8. Jay

    Update Forum Update Log

    03/28/20 Giphy integration (click the star in the editor) Tweaked editor toolbars. More buttons readily available on desktop, more streamlined on mobile Added word counter to editor
  9. Jay

    Post your desktop

    For those of us stilling using a desktop, that is. :ta-da:
  10. Jay

    Television BoJack Horseman

    Final episodes of season 6 just came out, really enjoyed it. Ep15 was just amazing. Do we have any other fans here?
  11. Jay

    Television Rick & Morty renewed for 70 more episodes

    DigitalSpy That's like 7 seasons! :eek: Great news, I love this cartoon.