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  1. Why does Dragon Ball Super hate muscular characters?

    In previous Dragon Ball anime, we used to see a lot of characters possess muscles in places where they should not have muscles. Nowadays most of the characters look like they are really skinny, they look like they are on a different diet and it is affecting their musculature. I am no fitness...
  2. Movies How would Goku from the movies fare against villains from the manga?

    I was watching a video about how Goku from the movies is a lot more ridiculous than Goku from the manga. The manga is a lot more consistent than the movies due to how surprisingly grounded the series is in martial arts despite the focus battle power later in in the series. Despite this however I...
  3. SPOILER! What praise and criticism do you have for your favorite arcs?

    I love Dragon Ball as much as everyone here but I wonder what arcs you enjoy and what arcs are critical of?
  4. Hello Everyone!

    I came Dragon Ball Z Forums and I was invited here by a user. I hope to do well here.