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    News Putin stepping down?!

    HOLY FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDGE! If this has any grain of truth then we're in for an interesting start to 2021.
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    Dragon Ball Dub changes

    I began watching Dragon Ball from the beginning last night and while chuckling over Goku's hick-ish naivety and crass demeanor, I wondered to myself, how different was the sub from the dub? Have a look see for yourself and you be the judge.... We go from one of my all time favorite lines of...
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    Technique and Ability names

    I want to know, any of you nerds create your own Dragon Ball stuff? Have you even toyed around with the idea of an OC? Have you created new and interesting attacks for characters either official or unofficial to utilize in combat? This is a safe space, I want to know everything. Korian...
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    Movies Favorite campy movies

    Since Beerus-sama has delighted us with trailers from delightfully trashy movies. I figure I'd go ahead and list my top 3. I can't wait to see everyone else's lists! Versus Hobo with a shotgun Dog Soldiers
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    News Next arc coming soon

    A recent interview with the editor of Dragon Ball Super, Victory Uchida, gives us clues that the Moro arc is soon coming to a close and the future of the manga.
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    SPOILER! Chapter 65

    Hoooo boy, I ummmm, I don't how to say this, but....
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    FanArt Saiyans and other races

    Now that I've got your attention, do you think Saiyans would have been better off if they would have bred with other races? DBZ has suggested multiple times that Saiyan hybrid children are potentially superior to their full blood parents. Thoughts?
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    Movies Fat Man

    I'm sold
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    Dragon Ball Z Super Kaioken

    An interesting supposition on the usage and power boost that Goku gets using Kaioken while he's already transformed into SSJ. It's a technique that comes from one of the better pieces of filler in DBZ. During the Otherworld tournament Goku put this technique on display against Paikuhan. So do...
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    Ethnicity in Dragon Ball

    It's always been rather ambiguous with how characters are depicted in anime/manga, but some are meant to represent westerners while others are meant to represent eastern characters. Confusingly they may appear the same with only minor differences in hair color or eye color to denote their race...
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    SPOILER! DBS Chapter 64

    We've got the new chapter dropping on Viz on Friday morning. Leaks are dropping and this is where we're at..... Here's what I think after reviewing what was presented. Goku will
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    A discussion of the state of Dragon Ball

    I agree with a lot of what Geekdom has to say here. I believe that at the end of the day, money talks and BS walks. We're going to have to get past Age 784 at some point in the official continuity. It's important that we do at some point before that is the true future of Dragon Ball.
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    Voice for an OC

    I figured I would tap my most reliable resource to help me with an issue. I’ve never been able to determine what Korian, my protagonist, should sound like as an adult. So drop a few suggestions down below of characters you think he would closely resemble in tone. We’ll do a poll and the winner...
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    Dragon Ball Retcons

    Top 10 biggest retcons in the series
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    2020 riots

    Well, it appears like it finally happened just like I said. More information should come as the story develops. Viewer discretion is advised.
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    Treasured moments in past anime

    This right here, the setting, the music, no dialogue in these few seconds because "Never Knows Best"
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    Other Uzaki-chan wants to hang out!

    So the super sensitive imbeciles over on Twitter were in an up roar for a few days over Uzaki-chan. Apparently, her short stature, youthful appearance, and comedically large breasts are too offense for them. So, I broke and watched the first episode. It's a decent slice of life show with plenty...
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    Florida man the movie

    So surreal that you won’t even believe it’s true. I tell you what.
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    Dragon Ball Z Bad Take: Goku and Chi-Chi have a dysfunctional marriage

    So people on Twitter were dunking hard on Dragon Ball again today after the latest manga chapter. If you don't know what I mean go see for yourself. So there was some back and forth with people dropping Goku is a bad dad memes and other DB related memery. When I had a thought to start some...
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    Merch Anta x Dragon Ball Basketball shoes

    Ordered these ETC.