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    FanFic Dragon Ball Sai

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    Last thing you ate?

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    Public kissing.

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    Music Post songs that remind you of your childhood

    These are just a few. Some are in Portuguese because I grew up in Portugal. But if I were to post all of the songs that I remember the list would be much much longer and they're probably not even worth being mentioned.
  5. X-David

    Movies What do you think about Spider-Man?

    I like Tobey Maguire. But I don't like Tom Holland as Spider-Man. What I really liked in the first trilogy was J. Jonah Jameson. He was the funniest thing. The interaction between him and Tobey Maguire was hilarious. After Tobey, Spider-Man was never as good in my opinion.
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    Television Any thoughts on Spider-Man 1994?

    I watched the first 10 episodes of Season 2 and they seem very standard. Funny.
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    Movies Henry Cavill Signs new Superman deal.

    I am staying quiet but it feels like I am tortured by the Warner Brothers company.
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    Public kissing.

    I ain't leaving! I am not doing anything wrong! This is a sit in bakery. It's a public place. It's not a brothel!
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    Public kissing.

    If you were sat next to them like I am. You would probably understand. It was like I was in a porn film and they were just about to take their clothes off and get it on. And may I remind u we are sitting inside a bakery. I am all by myself and then that happens. It's like, all I am asking is for...
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    Public kissing.

    No. It's not jealousy. Definitely not jealousy. More like inciting someone to commit murder.
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    Public kissing.

    Yeah. It was heavy. Very Inappropriately.
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    Public kissing.

    Yuck. I am sitting in a bakery. And there is a black man next to me loudly kissing his girlfriend. Right next to me. Disgusting. Like this is a porn movie. They just got up and left now but still.... It affected me.:ce3:
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    Coffee or Tea?

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    Interesting Facts

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    Your current Weather?

    It's cold. And it's cold inside a bakery so that tells you how cold it is. It has been raining and thundering all night. It's stopped but the sky is still grey and cloudy. So it looks like it's still going to rain but it's not so I don't understand really. Actually feels like it's going to...
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    Interesting Facts

    I am inside the bakery.
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    Last thing you ate?

    Last night I ate 3 small baguettes with butter and peach jam. Also a strawberry jam. And 2 little cartons of chocolate milk.:eek:
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    Interesting Facts
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    Last thing you ate?