1. Playing my old dbz mobile game

    Hello fellow Saiyans, I wanted to share here a video of me playing the best dbz game you will ever see - Gameplay at 1:15
  2. Mixy

    Dragon Ball Mini Heroes

    Hey guys, I made this game a few years ago and have worked on it really hard since then. I'm trying to get more people to play it and potentially enter a tournament where I will be giving out prizes. Check it out if you like fighting games! Thanks, Mixy
  3. Giga Hertz

    Fan Game - Goku's Tale (2022 August - v0.2)

    Current Release: v0.2 (August 2022) Currently in Development: Red Ribbon Army Saga Goku's Tale is a retelling of Dragon Ball from the start, in JRPG format. The game is still in development, and is playable for the entirety of the Emperor Pilaf Saga. It's just a little something I'm working on...