10 Characteristics of the Destroyers


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This is an older video, from sometime last year, but it was recommended and thought I would share it here.
The video is titled "rules" but not all of them are entirely rules, more so characteristics. So that is what I am calling them.
Also, 2 and 10 may as well be the same thing. Just saiyan... lol :haha:

10 Rules Characteristics :

1. Destroy - They are made to destroy and thus, must destroy people, places, and planets.
2. Choose & Train Replacements - They need a replacement fully trained and ready to take over when the time comes.
3. Power - Destroyers are immensely powerful and they have to be for what they need to do.
4. Balance the Kais - If the Supreme Kai of the universe dies, the God of Destruction dies so it keeps balance in the universe.
5. No Fighting Each Other - Destroyers are not allowed to fight each other.
6. Mentor - Every Destroyer needs an Angel to mentor, train, and guide them.
7. The Power of Destruction - A purple energy that only Destroyers harness (or allow others to harness) that destroys anything it touches.
8. Anger - They are all prone to fits of rage.
9. Mind Your Own Business - They stay out of mortal affairs unless it benefits them.
10. Earn Divinity - Destroyers are not immortal and will eventually need to be replaced thus, the most powerful of said universe can earn that spot.
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