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This is dealing with Disney movies, mostly, but also includes other movies as well as music (mainly pop music) where young girls are often shown being "in love" or obsessed with older men. These men range from 18 to up to 30. In a lot of movies, you will see 11 to 15-year-olds becoming infatuated with older guys and it only just now dawned on me that this could be why there is such a huge issue with younger girls seeking out older guys today. You hear about it with YouTubers every year now. A fan gets obsessed and they become sexual either through messaging, pictures or sometimes in person. These fans are often 16 or younger as well.

Has programming for tweens and teens always focused on pushing young girls into the arms of older men? Thinking back to a lot of "Disney originals" this seems to be the case. They have unknowingly (or maybe even knowingly) planted this notion that it was okay for younger girls to pressure and pursue much older men. We see men taking to the majority of the blame for this but planting this idea in a young girl's mind, especially while she is entering into puberty should not be thought of as cute or even normalized. I remember growing up and not liking anyone older. I wasn't obsessed with the guys from boy bands like Backstreet Boys like my friends were. I actually thought something was wrong with me because they all talked about marrying them, dating them, having their kids... All at the age of 11 to 14... Like WTF. These guys were 23+ in age at the time.

Maybe I am overthinking things but it just doesn't seem like a good idea to promote something like this as being normal or encouraging it.

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It's sort of perpetuating a stereotype, for sure, but don't forget that girls often also mature faster than guys, not just physically, but also mentally, as well. Sadly often because society forces them to mentally grow up as they start to physically grow up because older men notice that physical side and act inappropriately towards them, forcing them to embrace the realities of the sadness of some older men (right, Ryan Haywood? You sick, sick fuck), but I digress. I think it's the whole dynamic of 'well, I'm growing up, but the boys around me are still the same...I wish they were more like..."x" so they were more mature' and placing "x" on that pedestal because that's what they see on TV, movies, etc. and so that's what they look at as an example of maturity, attractiveness, etc. Sadly, particularly in Disney movies and such, even young teens were played by much older actors/actresses, and so naturally the idea is going to develop that...well, if that's what 15 looks like in the movies, then that's what I'm after! So these young girls are looking for guys that look like that...and that is not what 15 looks like, so, they start looking at 18, 20, 25...yeah, it puts in their minds that older is more attractive, and that they should be looking in that direction because they're so mature.

It has started to taper off now, thankfully, and companies are starting to use younger actors to portray younger ages (I don't agree with that in a lot of cases, but it does make sense for younger-themed films, so I think we'll see slightly less of the idolizing, but it is a bit creepy that it was so actively encouraged before, and still is somewhat today, and it's something that absolutely should not be normalized. Age differences when you're older is one thing, age differences when you're 12 and the other person is 23 is completely another.
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