Cheese Puffs/Cheetos/Etc. Is Cow Food (Technically)


You don't have to watch the video from Food Theory if you don't want to.

The short of it is, puffs and other compacted corn chips like Cheetos are the result of a machine used to make cow feed for farmers. Someone was curious about it one day, took some bits home, deep-fried then and topped them with cheese and now we have all sorts of this kind of snack in the supermarket. I think it is pretty interesting how were are basically eating a modified version of cow feed.

Not a fan of feeding cows compacted corn though I have to say. I would prefer all cows ate grass and when I get my milk and other items that use milk, I seek out pasture-raised cow products (more humane and carrying for the animals).

Anyways, here's the video if you want to watch:
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