Could Bulma Be Part Tuffle?


The Tuffles are considered the most intelligent race in Universe 7... Or at least were (lol).

Wouldn't it be interesting to come to find out that Bulma is part Tuffle? This would mean someone in her family tree fled the planet Plant before it became planet Vegeta, and that they ended up on earth. This would also explain Bulma and her father's massive intelligence when it comes to technology despite both of them being, well... Goofy and airheaded at times. Also, the Saiyans stole their technology. Maybe this is why Bulma was able to figure out the scouter and reverse engineer the Saiyan pod with little to no setbacks.

I think this would be an interesting dialog to play with for the story in the future. They kind of left it open and I never heard anyone comment on this before.

Tuffles also exist in Universe 2 and Universe 6 so there is a chance that somewhere down the line, someone in Bulma's family tree isn't even from Universe 7.
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