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Oh no, did i do something wrong ?
Advertisements & Spam [1 point, 1 week]

You can choose to fill out your homepage on your profile as well as include it in your signature. There is no reason to make any advertisement threads. However, competing sites are not allowed and will result in a prompt and immediate ban.

Spam is not acceptable in any form. If you sign up just to spam your content found on other sites, such as YouTube, you will be given a point. If you want to share your content, that is fine just be sure to be a member too. If we notice content threads being made with little to no interaction with our members it may result in a warning, content moderation, domain blacklisting, or an immediate ban.

Spamming any low-quality content is not acceptable.

I'll leave your thread since this has not been a major issue for us thus far. Moved it to the fandom section. Just be aware that posting it again outside of this (other than on your profile and in your signature) will get it deleted and the URL will get blocked.

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