FanFic Dragon Ball VW Arc 1: The Dimension X (Finnished)

Kid Goku

Elite Saiyan Warrior
Super Saiyan 3
Lets start with my own fanfiction Dragonball VW it takes place after the original manga ignoring both Gt and Super!

Chapter 1: Goku and Uub
1 Year after leaving his family and friends and after a lot of Adventures a new Story may beginn

Uub and Son-Goku are Training over some islands

Goku: Uub you are doing great youve already mastered Flying and some ki control im proud of you!
Uub: Thanks Goku! can you teach me the kamehame ha?
Goku: Yeas charge all your energy do this Motion and say Ka Me Ha Me Ha While charging!
Uub: Like this Ka Me Ha Me HAAAAA!
(Uub shot a tiny beam from his hand)
Goku: Yeah just like that! Huuuh no way!
Uub: What goku?
Goku: I feel something very strong and dangerous in the west!
Uub: so i can finally fight someone!
Goku: I think youre not ready for a battle for your live, Youre this planets future if you fight now youll never want to do it again my sons are the best proof of that!
Uub: Yeah you told me of them Gohan and Goten right!
Goku: Yeah i guess i could use.... Uub take this Radar and fly where this circle is there is a master of mine and my best friend can you stay there for a bit?
Uub: Of course master! Bye!
(goku flys westward while uub flys eastward)
Goku: A new strong opponent im not sure if i should feel exicted or scared lets just hope hes nice!

So may new Storys beginn tune in next time for:
A shadowy Foe!

Kid Goku

Elite Saiyan Warrior
Super Saiyan 3
A shadowy Foe!

In the rocky mountains a battle starts brewing

Goku: Finnally ive reached it hey vegeta, Kuririn and piccolo!
Vegeta: Hmpf Kakarotto what are you doing here!
Kuririn: Wait im called Kuririn not krillen and Gokus saiyan name is Kakrotto seems as if Kid Goku like the Original Names more!
Me: Yeah well youve got Kulilin on your shirt (and we all know the l and r debacle also vegetto makes no sense without the O!
Kuririn: i guess but i hope that didnt scare anime watchers! anyways! Goku good to see you again!
Goku: What the Majin where you talking about?
Kuririn: Nothing how Uub?
Goku good so far hey piccolo!
Picolo: Hmpf!
Goku: just as talkative as ever! so the ki is coming from there!
Vegeta: these look ike saibaiman! Only we saiyans use them!
???: Yeah seems like it!
Vegeta: Who are you you have the same hair as Kakarotto!
???: i am Kakarotto!
Goku: no i am right now im confused!
Kakarotto: no youre Goku im a version of you that never lost his saiyan ways!
Vegeta: no hes kakarotto!
Kakarotto: think about it Kakarotto died as goku bonked his head so yeah i object to this! but oh vegeta how the mighty have fallen!
Vegeta: Obey me you saiyan!
Kakarotto: Nope but anyways im not really your main opponet right now ive only lended my Saiborg Men to Trunks from the Dimension X!
Vegeta: My son?
Kakarotto: No not Underwear trunks Tree trunks hes a giant Tree dude! Anyways youve got 5 days and now im saying bye bye ah yes before i Forgot Saiborg Men attack them!
(kakarotto used a technique similar to instant transmission and disappeared)
Vegeta: my sons name means a type of underwear? Buuuulma!
Goku: That was complicated anyways i guess i do this AAAAAH!

Next time the battle against the Saiborg Men Starts in!

A quick warmup for our Heroes!
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Kid Goku

Elite Saiyan Warrior
Super Saiyan 3
A quick warmup for our Heroes!

Goku: take this you saiborgs bamm buf bam!
Kuririn: Let me do this Destructo Disc!

(his attack sliced through 3 Saiborg man at once)
Vegeta: I dont need a super saiyan just some ki blasts hathathathat!
(All the ki blasts together put a hole through a Saiborgman)
Vegeta: And this HAAAAAAAA!
(with a giant explosion did vegeta hit 3 other Saiborg Man)
Goku: come piccolo lets combo the last 2 into nirwana!

Goku: Puh syyu!
Vegeta: your ki did you master Super saiyan 2?
Goku: Yes i did!
Vegeta: Hmpf!
Kakarotto speaking telepathicaly with goku: Oh youve beat them and because im a true saiyan ill gladly betray my master sooo trunks lives in dimension X a Dimension in which your golden hairdo and your sparkys are near to complete impossible!
Goku: than ill just get some people who can deal with this stuff!
Goku: so this is the situation!
(goku explains and get stuff explained to him)
Goku: So now i get it hmm kuririn go to kamehouse and my house and bring all there to capsule corp! Vegeta and piccolo search for Tienshinhan and hmmm Chiaotzu! ill vist my second? Third? Best friend! he should be in the north!
Kuririn: what north isnt everything in this world in the west!

Exiciting things like conversations? in:

An old Rival and friend!


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Kid Goku

Elite Saiyan Warrior
Super Saiyan 3
An old Rival and Friend!

Goku: there it is! (i thought it would cauuse chaos if i instant transmissioned there!)
Goku: So how was it again yeah you press this button! (ding Dong)
???: Huff who is there? Aah wait are you?
Yamcha: Goku nice to see you!
Goku: Yeah nice too also interesting to see your house ive never been here!
Yamcha: yeah right...
Goku: is something bothering you!
Yamcha: something was bothering me in the past but luckily its over!
Goku: what was it?
Yamcha: After Bulma kicked me out i was homeless and relativly alone for a while!
Goku: you couldve stayed with me!
Yamcha: im pretty sure Chichi wouldve objected luckily after you defeated Buu i started dating again and now im Married!
Goku: Oh who is the lucky one!
Yamcha: Shes here Tea goku is here!
Tea: Ah wasnt that one of your old friends! Ups sorry i need to go for little Girls!
Goku: Hehehe lucky that roshi isnt here! Where is puar by the way?
Yamcha: Hes playing with....
???: Come here pilaf!
Pilaf: Muhahahaha! Oooh! Boof!
(pilaf was in actually Puar)
Puar: Ooooh Goku nice to see you!
???: What goku? You mean as in the goku my dad told me about! Hii im Yam-Chan!
Goku: You look sorta like my granddaughter Pan mixed with Yamcha! Why werent you by the tournament!
Yam-Chan: i was a bit too young to be allowed watching or competing in it!
Goku: Yeah right it was already dificult getting Pan in! i guess because of videls beatdown they put a cap on how young you can be if you want to watch it!
Anyways Yamcha, Yamchan and puar wanna follow me!
Yamcha: Why?
Goku: A new bad guy appeared i hope you kept trainning!
Yamcha: Ah i cant compare to your saiyans!
Puar:Yamcha dont beat yourself up over this again!
Yamchan: Yeah youre the 4th strongest Earthling! Also i wanna meet all the Cool guys!
Yamcha: Okay.. fine!
Goku: I also have an itsch that you would be of great use!

Next time on Dragonball VW! More conversations! in:

A plan is hatched!
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Kid Goku

Elite Saiyan Warrior
Super Saiyan 3
A plan is hatched!

Goku: So Let me use my Instant transmission
Tea: yamcha goodbye and take Yamchan with you!
Yamchan: Yay!
Yamcha: Can you teleport me, puar and tea?
Goku: Yeah i can hehe!
(they warped to capsule corp)
Goku: is everyone here? hmm yep Its nice too see you again!
Gohan: Dad nice too!
Goten and trunks: I guess its nice!
Pan : So grandpa there you are!
Yes less time has passed!
ChChi: Why did you run of!
Goku: Both my childreen where old enough + Uub needed some guidance!
Vegeta: You just wanted to train so you could fight him!
Goku: This was the original reason yes but i also wanted to raise a new protector for the earth!
Vegeta: hmpf Okay so whats the plan!
Goku: So this meeting is just in case bulma did you notice any portal thingies?
Bulma: Yeah in the east!
Muten roshi: In the east? Weird isnt everything in the west!
Kuririn: Yeah i thought that too!
Goku: So im pretty sure The other trunks is some evil Dude! so we should try and confront him!
Vegeta: And how should we defeat this guy without our Super-Saiyan Forms?
Goku: We? I thihnk i need to disapoint you i thought about it i should Take Yamcha, Tenshin-Han, Chao-Zu with me!
Pan, Uub and yamchan: What is the big Deal?
Yamcha:Why im useless i was instantly defeated the last 2 timkes i tried!
Goku: yeah from the back so i think only your back is useless! And the Wolf Fang fist is perfect for a Anti Ki World!
Tenshin-Han: And whats with me and Chao-Zu?
Goku: Tenshin-Han: Your Tribeam could come in clutch and Chao-Zu is a Psychic so maybe Dimension X doesnt affect him!
Tenshin-Han: Hmmm...
Vegeta: And what with us?

What will gokus answer be find out in! What is Dimension X!
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Kid Goku

Elite Saiyan Warrior
Super Saiyan 3
What is Dimension X?

Goku: I thought about this so if team me goes into this dimension and more saiborgmen appear this planet is screwed! Unless we have a second team taking care of them!
Pan, Uub and yamchan: Are we part of it?
Goku: No team 2 will consist of Kuririn as the leader...
Vegeta: Why not me Kakarotto? Hmm i probably should call you mhhhh i dont want to hmm okay Son-Goku! I hate this!
Goku: The reason is simple youre a little to constipated to do it so joining him would do you, Piccolo, Goten and Trunks and Hmmmm how about Videl!
Videl: arent i a little to old for this?
Pan: Mom Mom Mom do it!
Goku: yeah and im like 20 years older than you! Also Pan, Uub and Yamchan i think you should train by Roshi!
Every Adult: WHAT!
Muten-Roshi: Goku i mean its nice for you to think i can train them but im you know....
Goku: I know youre a perv but i also know you wouldnt use your strength so if you do something dumb there would be multiple people punishing you for it!
Muten-Roshi: I think i can handle that!
Goku: I dont know when girls feel sexually mistreated There ki seems to rise to infinity!
Muten roshi: Yeah thats because of Mang...
Kuririn: Dont even try explaining it! he wouldnt get it!
Goku: So now that Thats taken care of Bulma could you take over my Brain starts getting a bit Exhausted!
Bulma: Okay Son-Kun (thats what bulma calls goku in japanese) So my drones run a check on the portal and i can confirm that power is redistrubuded in it but a scoouter i build sensed a ginourmous Ki in it! I also noticed an Army making itself ready bvut luckily i was able to confirm Gokus aproxemations Chao-zu, Ten shinhan and .... Yamcha should be able to easily Keep up with Goku! Also goku i got a Gi and letter sent to me by Someone would you come inside!
Goku: Oh Ok!
(goku goes inside)
Yamcha: So puar and daughter i guess im off then would you explain it to tea?
Yamchan: Yeah i will do it!
Puar: hmmmmm...
Yamcha: Puar what is?
Puar: I wondered what if there a door in the way?
Yamcha: heh? What do you mean by that!
Puar: What i wanted to say can i join maybe you need my transform skill for something!
Yamcha: hmm if you stay transformed into something unoticable it could work lets ask goku if we oh there he is!
goku end of z kame.png

Wow Goku got a new look! What will happen in the Next chapter find out next time in:

Entering Dimension X!
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Kid Goku

Elite Saiyan Warrior
Super Saiyan 3
Entering Dimension X!

Goku: How do you find it hehehe!
Yamcha, Chao-zu and Tenshinhan: Good!
Puar: can i join you?
Goku: Hmm i guess having someone who can transform would be nice hey olong would you want to come too?
Olong: No im too old for this!
Goku: okay! I guess having someone who was kicked out of the transformation kindergarten would be a hassle i guess! So Puar i hope you can work for 2!
Puar: yeah! Yamcahn i hope youre not lonely without me and Dad!
Yamchan: Sniff nope not at all! Sniff!
Yamcha: I mean you get to train with mine and Gokus master Muten roshi!
Yamchan: yeah i need to be brave Gohan was too even when his only caretaker was a green demon!
Piccolo: Hey cut out the green part!
Gohan: Hey pan, uub and yamchan dont cry ive got some Holidays left to spare! So i guess i could be the last line of Defense!
Goku: Wow im proud of you son.... Gohan! Hehehe how funny! but i think we should hurry! Bye!
Everyone: Bye!
(so the three groups departed the Groups are:
Dimension X: Goku, Yamcha , Tenshin-Han, chaozu and Puar!
Defenders: Kuririn, Vegeta, Piccolo, Goten and Trunks and Videl
Kame-House: gohan, Muten roshi, uub , pan and yamchan!
Goku: So thanks to the Radar Bulma gave me here we are Dimension X!
Tenshin han: Hmm i feel a Paralysing Aura
Yamcha: Me too!
Puar: i dont feel anything!
Chao-Zu: I feel it but it seems to ignore me probably because im a Psychic!
Goku: Lets go!
(yamcha eyes strife over Gokus back Kanji it seemed to not belong on the Gi!)
Yamcha: Could it be hmm!
Goku: hmpf aaah it hurts it huh it stopped!
Yamcha/ Tenshin- han Ah i see what you mean!
Chao-Zu and Puar: Lucky us hey we said the Same thing funny now stop!
Chao-Zu: Hehe i read what you wanted to say same with you Ten?
Tenshin Han: Nope just a Coincidence!

What happens with at kamehouse during this and How is Dimension X so find out in the next episode of Dargon Ball Vw!
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Kid Goku

Elite Saiyan Warrior
Super Saiyan 3
Nice and Quiet NOT!

Uub: So this is the famed Kamehouse
Pan: I was already here once
Yamchan: Its pink what a dumb colour!
Pan: Hey i like it also arent your Arm bands pink?
Yamchan: Its a diffrent colour you might call it rose!
Muten-Roshi: Dont outperform me in the Fourthwall breaking young ...... Uub do it!
(Uub slaps Muten-Roshi)
Muten-Roshi: Thanks Dont imagine them as adults dont imagine them as adults! boy thats hard!
Uub: So which of you know the kame hame ha?
Muten-Roshi: You ooh i wasted so much time and you just ahhh anyways uub youve learned it am i right?
Uub: Yeah you are!
Yamchan: Kame Hame ha! (its only 1 inch wide)
Pan: Let me try it Kamasenko Ha (the beam is ginourmous and fires into the sky!)
Everyone: :eek:
Pan: Did i do something Wrong? (She does her Bow from the end of Z) Sorry if so!
Yamchan: Is it me or are saiyans just getting increasingly more ridicoulous Per Generation!
Uub: I dont know i only know gokus skills well!
Muten-Roshi: So i guess i need to teach yopu how to control Your energy pan and Yamchan! Uub again!
Uub: Okay Kame Hame Ha!
(Mutenroshi dodges it scared)
Muten-Roshi: A punch not this thats too extrem!
Uub: hehe okay!
Muten-Roshi: I think gokus rubbed of on you!


Goku: Over to the left is an army coming from a Dark castle! on the right is a Forest i guess well sneak around in it!
Yamcha: good idea!
(they sneak into the forest)
Goku: Good in here we should be able to fly near the Ground ha BONK!
Tenshinhan: Seems like Dimension X Messes with that too!
Puar: But what is with me and chao-zu?
Chao-zu: I guess its because we are so used to hovering!
Goku: AAwh i gues we walk
(during the walk the group plans their next move)
Tenshin han: I think i might be able to use a quiet and weaker version of the Tribeam!
Goku: Be on your toes because i hear a noise!
(a saiborgman pops out of a bush!)
Tenshinhan: Tribeam!
(it got vaporized)
Goku: Wait why is everyone so quiet? I guess its time for this voice to say this stuff!

What happens in the next Chapter of Dragonball Vw Find it out next time!
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Kid Goku

Elite Saiyan Warrior
Super Saiyan 3
The Defenders of the Earth!

(team B stand at a certain distance from the Dimension X portal)

Kuririn: So they will come out at any moment now!
Vegeta: They have no Chance against this! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! ZONK!

Goten: Kuririn stand back or you Throw your back!
Kuririn: Hey you youngins im still fit! Also vegeta is older than me!
Vegeta: Yeah but im a Saiyan so im living twice as long as Earthlings!
Kuririn: you do? i thought you just stayed younger for longer!
Vegeta: No we actually live twice as long!
Kuririn: (So Goku will outlive me and all of his friends........) Anyways Piccolo, trunks Videl are you ready?
Piccolo: Yeah i am!
Trunks: Yes im ready!
Videl: i guess im ready!
(six saiborgman come through the Portal they are standing in a row)
Vegeta: Everyone takes....
Kuririn: Destructo Disc!
(every Saiborgman gets cut in half by the disc)
Everyone aside from Kuririn: Hey leave one for us!
Kuririn Sorry! Guys hey there are 12 more now you guys can do some damage!
Trunks: Final Flash!
(vegeta Rushes and Punches and kicks three Saiborg Man!)
Videl: You can do this Kame Hame HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
Goten: piccolo lets do a team attack!
Piccolo: OKAY!
Goten and piccolo: Special Kame Hame Hell Beam!
(goten fires a kamehame hame ha and picolo fires a spiral to create this special atttack!
(all 12 Saiborgman got Defeated)

How will this Battle continue? And What will happen in Dimension X? Find out in the Next Episode of Dragon Ball VW!

Kid Goku

Elite Saiyan Warrior
Super Saiyan 3
The Timelimit!

Kuririn: Wait wasnt there a Time Limit of 5 days of which only 4 are left now?
(Tree) Trunks (telepathicaly): Yes in 4 Days i Will be Invincible and then ill Destroy your World!
Trunks: That you have my Name pisses me of! Come send out more Saiborgman!

(meanwhile in Dimension X)
Goku: There is a Canyon in Front of us! its Big!
Yamcha: Why dont we just fly.... Wait no we cant do that! Damn!
Tenshin-Han: Chao-zu can you build A bridge?
Chao-Zu Yeah im using Psychokinises for it RAAAAAAHGRG would you help me by chopping down trees and carrying them here!
Goku, ten and yamcha: Yes Okay!
(Together they build the bridge!)
Goku: good now were close to the stairs to trunkses Castle!
???: Wiuwiuwiuwiu!
Tenshin-Han: Oh no they spotted us! Run Quick!
(they run over the bridge and soon the source of the Noise is seen its arround 25 Saiborgmen)
Goku: I will destroy this Brdge! HAAAA!
(the bridge Tumbles Down but The saiborgmen start flying!)
Goku: Oh oooh! seems i have to use it!
(he pulls a thread on his back Kanji Revealing......)

What will goku do to escape this situation gind out in the Next episode with the Title:
Saved! Thanks to Kaioken!
Its funny how dragonball would actually spoiler this but im nice so yeah!

Kid Goku

Elite Saiyan Warrior
Super Saiyan 3
Now the Next episode of dragon Ball Vw!

Goku DX Kaio.png

Goku: I will use the Kaioken!
(puar turns back to normal)
Puar: And why did you keep your Kanji hidden!
Goku: For dramatic Effect Hehe!
Puar: okay we will be off then!
(Puar hides again as yamchas Locket)

(Goku jumps towards the saibogmen and punches and kicks them rapidly until only 3 are left)
Goku: Hu Hu Huuuuu Ka Huuu ME HAME HAAAAAAAAAA!
(The Kame hame ha destroys 2 of the saibogmen!)
Goku: I cant anymore.......
(goku Loses sight)
????: Multi Dodonpa Barrage! Goku Goku are you okay!
Goku: Somewhat hey how did you get over tenshinhan!
????: What no im chao-Zu didnt i tell you that i trainned a lot! also if you confuse my voice with tens something is wrong With you!
Goku: i guess my concentration fades bye bye!

(meanwhile at Kame house)

Muten-Roshi: So now 20 More Rounds!
Uub: oh my god these shells are HEAVY!
Pan: Yeah they are Bad!
Yamchan: Yup!
Pan: My dad isnt that much into fighting same with trunks and goten why do you think that is!
Uub: Goku told me why! Unlike him their first taste of Real Fighting Was Scary and traumatizing!
Yamchan: my Dad starts getting old! im Pretty sure goku might be scared of Having no Protection for this world once hes Gone!
Pan: i think were done!
Gohan: Yes you are!
(she jumps into his arms)
Gohan: sorry that it took so long i just finnished my important work! and after That i needed to keep in mind where the Saiborgmen Come from because i think one is on the way to us!
Muten roshi: Dont fight him here youll wreck my house!
Gohan: dont worry i found the perfect spot!

What will happen next time on Dragonball VW?

Kid Goku

Elite Saiyan Warrior
Super Saiyan 3
Quick Team A!

Gohan: so there is the Island are you ready!
The kids: Yes!
(they land on the Island)
Gohan: up there!
(the saiborgman lands on the island too!)
Gohan: I will let you do this okay might be good training!
Pan: let me weaken it KAMESENKO
(the saiborgman is covered in Soot)
Yamchan: now Wolf Fang Fist!
(The saiborgman loses a Arm)
UUB: and now to finnish it Kame hame HAAAAAAAAAAA!
(And hes gone)
Gohan: we better go back it starts to get dark!

(meanwhile at team b)

Kuririn: So we rest now we will stay on guard tho!

(Later! In dimension x)

Goku: urgh is everthing alright!
The others: yes!
Yamcha: you where out for atleast 2 days but luckily we found a Village full of nice People!
????: ah youre finnaly awake!
Goku: yeah i am hehe!
????: what is that i feel you and the evil kakarotto seem nearly identical!
Goku: yeah hes my evil twin or Something!
????: okay i see youre pure of heart anyways my name is Ki!
Goku: ahh you are named after our energy source!
Ki: no my name is Tree!
Goku: oh okay!
Ki: So just a Question are you of the same species as Kakarotto!
Goku: yeah i had a tail like him too once but it was removed because i turned into a Monster if i looked at the Full moon!
Ki: but to beat Trunks you need to get a pure Tail! luckily for you finding the Ingredients should be able to be done in a day!
Goku: Why is that important!
(Ki falls comically down)
Ki: because in 2 days your planet will be blown up?
Goku: oh yeah i Forgot Sorry!
Ki: so i will take care of that! little floating cat please distract the Saiborgmen!
Puar: yes!
(puar turns into a derpy Goku)

What will Happen in the Next episode of dragonball VW?
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Kid Goku

Elite Saiyan Warrior
Super Saiyan 3
Let grass grow over this situation!

Puar: so these guys are there!
Puar: Hey its Me Goku come and catch me!
Saiborgman: Gii!

Meanwhile at the Mysterious Village

Goku: So did you found the Ingredients ?
Ki: Yes!
Goku: how is this Village named by the way?
Ki: its named Baum-Town
Goku: Let me guess it named after a tree thing too?
Ki: yeah!
Chao-Zu: Seems like the current writer is just as lazy as Toriyama!

back by puar

Puar: ive lured them far away now let me turn into grass!
Saiborgman: Beep Gii? (where did that guy go?
Saiborgman B: Beep girass? (i dont care i wanna eat some grass! can i please?)
Saiborgmen: GIHAHAHAHA! (this guy is an Idiot!)
(saiborgman B runs of Crying!)
Puar: why do i feel like i dodged a bullet just now? let me go back!
(puar flies back!)

Back in the village!

Goku: so i think a day passed did it work?
Ki: yes it did! convince yourself!
Goku: woah i have a tail again!
Yamcha: im worried about puar!
Puar: Yamcha!
Yamcah: Puar there you are im glad that youre ok!
Goku: i feel much stronger now i think we might have a slim chance now!

What happend to Team b and the kids in that time find out in the Next episode of Dragonabll VW!
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Kid Goku

Elite Saiyan Warrior
Super Saiyan 3
Dragon Ball Vw
The Terrifying Procedure
Ki: So the Procedure is near completion!
Goku: Okay!
Baum: I just need to incject a type of cell into you per Needle!
Everyone from team A: GULP!
Goku: What a Needle no oh god please no AHHHHHHHH!
Ki: What is wrong with him?
Tenshin-Han: he is afraid of Medical Stuff!
Ki: Really?????
Chao-Zu: Yup!
Yamcha: Try luring him with Food!
Ki: Okay Goku you get 20 X Apples if you let me inject you!
Goku: Ehhh Okay.........!
(He injects him)
Goku: OUCH! Punch Bummm!
(Ki Was punched by Goku during this and was flung into a Wall!)
Goku: I feel dizzy!
PLOP (his Tail Regrows)
Goku: Hey my Tail its Back how cool and it wont turn me into a great ape?
Ki: OOOW No it wont ahh My head!
Goku: Hehe sorry for that!
Yamcha: im worried about puar!
Puar: Yamcha!
Yamcah: Puar there you are im glad that youre ok!
(a Panicked Kid Enters)
????: Theyre here what is that Kakarotto?
Baum: Yes sorta thats Goku hes an alternate version of that jerk but Twig Calm down and explain!
Twig: Saiborg Men They attack the Village!
Goku: Lets Go Guys!
Yamcha,Tenshin-Han and Chao-Zu: Yep!

This Ends This Chapter Of Dragon Ball Vw get ready for action in the Next Chapter: The Saiborgmen are beaten!
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Kid Goku

Elite Saiyan Warrior
Super Saiyan 3
The Saiborgmen are beaten!

Goku: i Draw their attention to me you pull out your best moves and Knock them out!
(Goku runs to the center of the Village)
Goku: Hey guys Bäh its me Goku nenenenene!
(Two Saiborgman Fly towards Goku!)
ChaoZu: Dual Dodonpa!
(2 Dodonpa emit from both of Chao-Zus Fingers and Hit the 2 Saiborgman turning them into Dust!)
Chaozu: does the Finger pistol Blow Thingy!
Yamcha: Spirit Ball!
(the ball is guided and hits 5 Saiborgman Killing them in the Process!)
(A Saiborgman flys to Goku and attacks him)
Goku: i Hope this works!
(Goku grabs his Hand with his Tail and perfoms a Combo Atack on him after that he Flings him away With his Tail!)
Tenshion Han: Tri Beam Combo!
(he zaps the Remaining 7 Saiborgman with 3 Consecutive Blast evicarating Them in the Process!
Goku: I still feel fit whats with you Guys?
Yamcha: i feel a bit worn out!
Chao-Zu: i feel fine!
Tenshinhan: i feel pretty bad!
Goku: Okay we just wai...
Tenshinhan: Didnt you forget something?
Goku: Oh no the Time Limit we have to hurry!
(team A Hurrys to Trunkses Palace!)

Meanwhile at Team Bs!
Kuririn: Huff Huff in my Old Days Huff there are still more?
(ten Saiborgmen Leave the Portal)
Vegeta: Ha of course you Earthling are Tired out let us Saiyans handle this!
(Normal) Trunks: Hey Dad not nice!
Goten: Yep i have to agree!
Vegeta: why hes weak?!
Goten: its not his fault that hes born weaker than us im sure he trainned more than me and Trunks!
Videl: Yeah and im a Earthling too you know!
Goten: pfffff Hihihihi
Videl: why are you laughing!
Goten: its just the outfit you made after Buu was defeated looks just as silly as my Bros outfit you know Great Saiyaman
Videl: Hey i made it to look like his outfit afterall i am Great Saiyawoman or Great Earthlingwoman doesnt matter Hayah!
(she kicked a Saiborgmans Head in)
Goten: Hmm trunks what do you think should we fuse Again?
Trunks: Yeah Okay! Piccolo cover us!
Piccolo: Okay!
Goten+ Trunks: Fusion Ha!
Gotenks: So You Guys Need a Beating? Super Ghost Grabbing and ripping Apart atta Ouch i bit my tongue!
(The 8 Summoned Ghosts Split up into 2 Groups and pull 2 Saiborgman apart by their limbs)
Vegeta: I think i might have to use Super Saiyan 2 Now!
Haaaaaa! Zonk! Final Flash! (5 Siabog man were evaporated!)
Kuririn: i guess i can take the last 2 Kame Hame Ha and bending! BOOM!
(the 2 Last ones were evaporated!)
(Multiple Silouthes are seen Going Out of the Portal of Dimension X)
Vegeta: Huh Wait a Minute there are more thats too much!
How Will the Story Continue? Will the Team a led by Goku beat (tree) Trunks find out in the next Chapter:
The final Confontation with Trunks!

Kid Goku

Elite Saiyan Warrior
Super Saiyan 3
The Final Confrontation with Trunks!

Goku: Quick Guys up the Mountain gogogo!
(Goku and Co run up the mountainv to enter Trunkses castle theyre followed by hundreds of Saiborgmen)
Chaozu: Ill stop them Nyaaahhhhhhh!
(Chaozus Telekinisis Stopped the Pusuit Chaozu slowly retreats to goku and the Others while continuesly Stunning Saiborgmen!)
Tenshinhan: Damn The Door to the Castle is Looked! Ill try Tribeam!
(the Door wasnt destroyed)
Yamcha: Puar quick try to transform into this Doors Key!
Puar: okay Nyah POOF!
(yamcha uses the key)
Yamcha: no it Doesnt Work try to transform so you better fit!
(Yamcha uses the Key Again)
Yamcha: Great quick Chaozu Release these Guys and Follow us!
Chaozu: Okay Yamcha!
(he releases them)
Chaozu: quick quick AAAAAAAAH!
Goku: you made it Yamcha go!
(yamcha closes the door behind them)
Goku: huff hufff hufff! Great Job team ahhhhh huffhufff!
??????: Clap............Clap...........Clap! Wow impresive hahaha!
(goku and co look towards the other side of the Room they see a Giant Tree Trunks with 4 Tendril like Arms, Devilish Red Eyes and one giant Creepy Grin!)
Goku: So youre this other Trunks right?
Trunks: yeah and youre that other Kakarotto am i correct?
Goku: yes and i guess the battle is on!

What will happen in the Next Episode of Dragonball Vw?
Stay Tuned!

Kid Goku

Elite Saiyan Warrior
Super Saiyan 3
The Final Struggle Against Trunks

Trunks: take that you fools!
(he opens his mouth and fire a Beam!)
(goku, and Yamcha with Puar arroound his neck in Lockt form Dodge to the left while Tenshinhan and chaozu dodge to the right!)
Goku: Quick regrou.... Wait Rocks!
(They get Seperated from each other!)
Trunks: first the little guy and the threeeyed one come into my grasp!
(his tendrils shoot Out! Towards the two)
(He fires a kamehame ha at trunks it Hits him And the dust cloud stys in the Air)
Trunks: hahahaha
(The dust clears to reveal a undamaged Trunks)
Trunks: attacks like that are Useless against me! Oh and seems i have your friends in my Grasp!
(He Has Grabbed Ten and Chaozu by wrapping his tendrils around them!)
Tenshinhan: Do something Goku!
Goku: I cant hit you Guys!
Yamcha: but i can!
Goku: but i dont think your spirit ball is enough!
(He guides The Bullet and hits the Tendril that was Wrapped around Tenshinhan!)
Tenshinhan: Great now my technique!
Basketball Dunk Fist!
(Tenshin han jumps up to the tendril Grabbing Chaozu Grabs it like a Hoop and punches Chao-Zu out of it!)
Chao-Zu: Ouch!
Tenshin han: i try hitting his Teeth! Tri Beam!
(it again doesnt accomplish Anything!)
Goku: Oh no! Wait i have an idea!
Goku (telepathicaly) tells Chao-Zu: You have to wait till his Mouth opens then fly into him and Blow yourself up to weaken his Defense!
Chao-Zu: Gulp Okay
(he Flies towards Trunks as does Goku on the other side!)
Goku: Tickle Tickle Tickle!
(He tickles trunks!)
Trunks: what you insolent little! Wait Gulp oh no!
Chao-Zu: Goodbye for now Ten!
Tenshin-Han: Chao-Zuuuuu!
(He blows himself up smashing multple of Trunkses Teeth out and Blowing the rubble seperating Goku,Yamcha and Puar from Tenshin-Han out of the Way!)
Trunks: You You!
(he fires a Blast at Yamcha!)
(Puar transforms back from a locket flies in front of Yamcha)
Puar: Just bring me back okay Buddy!
Yamcha: Puar no!
(Puar turns into a Spring Which bounces the Attack back to trunks but Puar gets burned to death during this!)
Yamcha (crying): Puar your Sacrifice wont be forgotten!
(Yamchas Hair seems to flicker for just a moment!)
Goku thinks: (hmm for just a moment it seemed like Yamchas Hair Changed? Guess that was only the Lighting To imagine how strong he and the Others would be if they had acsess to Super Saiyan!)
Yamcha (Now over it): Come goku, Tenshin-han lets finish him!
Trunks: not if i have anything to say against that! Take this!
(Trunkses Tendrils Rip Tenshin-hans Arm out!)
Tenshin-Han: AAAAAAAAAAH He You think that stops me Goku, Yamcha give him the rest okay! Neo Tri Beam!
(He shoots three Blasts before dying from overuse!
Goku: We can do this ready!
(Makafushigi Adventure Would now play if this was a Anime)
(he Shoots out all of his tendrils along side with Energy Blasts! )
(They dodge the blasts Yamcha uses Wolf fang fist on two Tendrils coming his Way!)
Yamcha: Wolf Fang fist!
(they were Destroyed!)
Goku: Kaioken X 20!
(Goku Fly Towards the other and last two Tendrils And uses a Combo Attack on them!)
(They Were Destroyed!)
Goku And Yamcha ready a Kamehame ha while dodging the other Blast jumping in the Air and)
(They fire two Kamehame has Straight into the Hole left by Chaozu!A giant Explosion happens!)
(Tunks explodes from the inside and Wood flies Around everywhere!)
Goku: Lets go home!
Yamcha: Yes hahahhuf!
(The People from the Village Appear during Gokus and Yamchas Trip down the Mountain!)
Ki: Did you win and where are your Friends!
Yamcha: They died but we can bring them back with the Dragonballs!
Twig: Are they a Revive Machine?
Goku: no they are wish granting orbs although we use them mostly for Reviving!
(They nearly made their way back to the Portal!)
Goku and Yamcha: Bye Bye!
Meanwhile On the Other Side of the Portal!
Vegeta: Huh Wait a Minute there are more thats too much!
(Goku and yamcha step through the Portal! They see a bunch of charged up beams directed in their direction!)
Yamcha: Wait Guys dont shoot its us!
Goku: Expected someone else he?
Kuririn: Yeah a while ago a bunch of saiborgmen left the Portal it were so many!
Goku: I think that might be the guys we left behind the Door!
Yamcha: Yup!
Goku: Finnaly huh Peace Again luckily this time the Earth didnt Explode!
Yamcha: ehh by the Way Goku now that i Fought again i have a request!
Goku: what for a Request?
Yamcha: I want to Win a World Tournament!
Chao-Zu: so want i!

This Concludes the Episode The Final Struggle Against Trunks and the Dimension X Arc next time:
Yamchas Wish?
The final Tournament of Yamcha!

The Yamchas Final Tournament Arc may beginn!

Kid Goku

Elite Saiyan Warrior
Super Saiyan 3
Now that the arc is done i want to know which plotholes i overlooked, what you thought of the Arc and What you would like to see from the next Arc!
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