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I feel like they should make a new Dragon Ball Game. They should make you be a Majin, a human, a saiyan, a namekian, Frieza race, and additional characters such as a Kai, and beeruses race. That would be really cool to me, tell me any ideas of any other characters if they should add if they make a Xenoverse 3

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I feel like the Xenoverse games are sort of played out, IMO. Good concept, but for me they always lacked in execution, just not quite there. Maybe that's just me, but it's how I felt. I'm interested in seeing how Kakarot turns out, but honestly I just wish they'd come out with another Tenkaichi or something like that. Encompass everyone from DB -> DBS and roll with it. The created character part is fun, but I'm more interested in playing a DB game with DB characters in it.


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I started off really liking Xenoverse because it wasn't the same ole' "repeat each saga" that the previous million games were. However, some of the missions were next to impossible to complete. There's one in particular where you have to defeat a shit-load of metal Coolers. I really hated that mission and it really turned me off to the game. The NPCs on my team would die almost immediately and here I am getting spam attacked by 10 metal Coolers at once. They really need to change something about the fighting mechanics and story mode for me to want to by another game.

I'd really love an RPG style game where choices you make determine outcomes. Perhaps you could be one of the many race of characters in an alternate universe and tell your own story from start to finish. It would be story based and they would have various voice actors for you to choose from for your character's voice. That'd be tight as hell.

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