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This is a list of our simple forum rules, guidelines, and warnings.
We ask that you all abide by them to keep this place friendly & fun!

Excessive Bad Language & Flaming [1 point, 1 week]

Swearing is fine when it is not done in excess. This is something that can be controlled. Please check your post to ensure it doesn't contain excessive profanity before submitting it.

Personal attacks on other members are not acceptable.

Off-Topic Posting
[1 point, 3 days]

Derailing and pushing other members threads off-topic is not acceptable. This rule will be enforced depending on the individual thread and how far it is taken off-topic. If multiple members are involved and it has been requested by the original poster of the thread to stop, all members involved will receive 1 point added to their account.

Low-Quality Posting
[1 point, 3 days]

Posting repeat low-quality posts or threads will result in your posts/threads being deleted. If this continues, you will receive a point.

Advertisements & Spam [1 point, 1 week]

You can choose to fill out your homepage on your profile as well as include it in your signature. There is no reason to make any advertisement threads. However, competing sites are not allowed and will result in a prompt and immediate ban.

Spam is not acceptable in any form. If you sign up just to spam your content found on other sites, such as YouTube, you will be given a point. If you want to share your content, that is fine just be sure to be a member too. If we notice content threads being made with little to no interaction with our members it may result in a warning, content moderation, domain blacklisting, or an immediate ban.

Spamming any low-quality content is not acceptable.

Spoiling New Content [1 point, 1 week]

We have a prefix for content that is still considered new. Everything comes out in Japan before other countries so, for members who only watch dubbed content, things need to be tagged with a spoiler. Failing to use the spoiler prefix on your threads that contain possible or sure-fire spoilers will result in 1 point added to your account.

Adult Content [3 points, 3 days]

Posting porn of any kind will result in 3 points added to your account.
This includes the following:
- Hentai
- Videos
- GIFs
- Pictures

* If you are an artist that often depicts risque content, please censor prominent nude areas before sharing it.
This includes breasts (with nipples showing), penises, vaginas, and any level of penetration.

As per the terms & rules, you must be at least 16 years of age to be a member here. If you are under the age of 16 and we find out, you will be banned.

Thanks for reading the rules and welcome to the forum!
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