Is broly cannon?


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I've been reading through the manga and there's the one bit about broly at the end of the TOP saga, which got me wondering about the other brolys. I think it's safe to say that DBZ broly isn't cannon, but what about the broly from the super broly movie. Im pretty sure the movie was a take on the one page in the manga, but since then broly isnt mentioned at all, so is he cannon or not?

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I think he's pseudo-canon, since there's an equivalent being in Kale, it makes sense that Broly should be somewhat canon, and who knows, maybe he makes a return appearance in the series itself?

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How you need to look at it is there are two parallel "canons" with Super. The anime version and the manga version. They both go into the Broly movie because they show the fight with Broly precedes the Moro arc. What "canon" is going to come out there other side remains to be seen since we only have the manga to go off. I think going forward the anime will stick closer to the manga version of events since it has since surpassed the anime which started before the manga. Remember, the Super manga is a monthly release so they needed to kind of make stuff up based on the outlines they were given by Toriyama and Toyotaro. Toei did some things that Toyotaro liked which is why for instance he included Vegito Blue during the Goku Black arc when he initially never intended to do it.

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Pretty much when India said. The manga version of Super also skipped out of the Resurrection of "F" and that was definitely canon to the manga, so it's safe to say the Super Broly movie is canon. I really hope that when the Super anime come back it doesn't adapt the Broly movie for ten plus episodes like they did with Battle of Gods & Resurrection of "F". I have the movie, don't waste my time with a worse version of the movie.


They could probably outline the movie in a few episodes or even passively mention it to tie it in. I can't see them doing the whole adapt to TV approach. I don't think that movie would work for something like that and it would be a bit weird with details cutout that makes the story it tells impactful.

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