SPOILER! Is he as strong as Vegeta & Goku? [Major Dub Spoilers]


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If you are only watching the dubbed version, then you will not want to continue reading this thread.

As the tournament progressed, it was hard to see where it would end. Given that the final four was Frieza, Goku, Vegata, and Android 17, one would assume Goku would end up on top and winning it all. Then came the swerve. We saw a breakthrough with not only Vegeta but Frieza as well. Both have changed drastically and their growth as characters was amazing. The very ending where Goku and Frieza took on Jiren together was pretty epic to me. Bardock must be rolling over in his grave lol

However, someone stood out the most in terms of power and that was Android 17, who ultimately won it all. He appears to have gained substantial amounts of power... Or has he? Given that he is an android, I wonder if he has been this strong all along and was just holding back. Even Android 18 held her own for a long time.

Do you think 17 is on par with Goku and Vegeta?

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