Mangaka You Respect & Mangaka You Disrespect


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Kentaro Miura - Dedicated his entire life to writing Berserk, which is arguably the greatest Manga ever written, and he hasn't officially quit like Inoue did with Vagabond or Togashi seemingly did with Hunter X Hunter.

Honorable Mention:

Akira Toriyama - Wrote both Dr Slump and Dragon Ball while taking no weekly breaks on either of them, with the exception of holidays. That is real commitment.


Nobuhiro Watsuki - Was in possession of child pornography while being a married man. His sequel Manga to Kenshin was discontinued from being translated in other languages after this.

Honorable Mention:

Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi - Paid a 16 year old girl to have sex with him while being over 10 years older than her.
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I respect most mangaka's unless they do something gross like mentioned above because Managaka's work schedules are insane. Granted, I'm sure this can vary from person to person but do you know what Oda's work schedule is? According to a magazine from 2015, he wakes up at 5am, works through the entire day only taking breaks for stuff like eating, going to bed at 2am. He works from 5am-2am, and gets three hours of sleep, that's his regular routine. Though One Piece has started taking more weeks off, so it's likely it's gotten less extreme but still, that's an insane schedule to keep up for as many years as One Piece has been going on. Mad respect for that insanity.

I greatly respect Miura and Murata's drawing talent too, those two have the greatest art I've seen in all of manga. Admittedly I haven't read Berserk, but I've seen enough screenshots to be floored at how impeccably detailed Miura's art is. As for Murata, the One Punch Man manga has highly detailed flipbook animation in it for several sequences, those always greatly impress me.

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