Most Underrated Fighter in the ToP?


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There was a lot to see and a lot going on. With the amount of fighters who were part of the Tournament of Power, it is easy for plenty of them to take a backseat to other well known faces such as Goku, Vegeta, and even Frieza.

With that being said, who would you consider the most underrated fighter in the tournament and why?

Two stood out to me the most that being Hit and Master Roshi. The reason I picked these two is a bit different from each other.

Hit being a choice because of his technique and power. It was showcased not too long before the ToP started and he seemed to be sidelined by Caulifla, Kale, and even Cabba pretty fast. I mean he held his own but there wasn't much too him when it came to the tournament itself. He should have had more attention on him, at lease I think so.

As for Master Roshi... Think of the years he has done nothing in DBZ. He seemingly "retired" but was proven to still be stronger than Krillin and Tien in the tournament. This means he had been training this entire time and the fact that he is human sets him apart. Not only that but he managed to get his lustful ways under control to take the fight more seriously. Considering he had been a huge factor in what make Goku.. Well, Goku I feel he should have had a bit more spotlight and feel he was underrated overall.
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