Update Reactions, Bookmarks, and Push Notifications Added!


A few new features have been added to the forum.
This includes reactions, bookmarks, and push notifications.



The new reactions can be found in the same place as the like button.
Simply hover over the "like" button and a popup will show with the following reaction options:

Reactions include the option to rate posts as like, dislike, friendly, funny, thanks, agree, disagree, informative, and creative.



You can now bookmark threads and posts within your account.
You will find the bookmark option to the upper right corner of each post as shown below:

Once you click the bookmark icon, an optional customization form will pop up like this:

Your bookmark will be saved even if you choose not to save the details in the pop-up form.
To find your bookmarks, you click your username at the top right side of the screen and select the "Bookmarks" tab:

You will be able to view all your bookmarks here as well as edit and delete them.

To copy, edit, or delete your bookmarks select the drop down toggle menu:


Push Notifications:

You will see a popup for push notifications and you can choose to allow them on your browser.

To enable or disable them on your profile, go to the preferences page.
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