Should DBS continue with the manga story?


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I don't keep up with the manga but from what I have heard, the current one is a pretty decent story. The villain is a bit different from what we are used to in the sense that he blocks power. I don't want to get into spoilers or anything but for those of you who know the basics of the story in the manga, do you want to see it carried out in the anime? Or should they do a separate story from it?

From my understanding, most of the anime series from Dragon Ball to DBS is based mainly on the manga. It would almost seem strange if they didn't tell this story with the anime.

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They need to adapt the current arc into the anime. It's some of the freshest story telling Dragon Ball has seen in a long time. If they open it up with some filler to bridge the gap between the Tournament of Power, the Broly movie, and then move on in a natural story arc to what is going on now.
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