The Androids Saga

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I have to look into what the arc is actually called in Japan. Official translation has it as Artificial Human. So would it be Artificial Human arc? 17 and 18 are definitely cyborg humans after all.


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I don't even think of them being part of the same story until I start to think about Cell. 17 and 18 were going after Goku and then Cell shows up and suddenly everyone is trying to either fight him or hide from him.

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I always looked at it as the "Saga" being the whole that is divided into arcs.

So the Android Saga is made up of two arcs, the Android Arc and the Cell Arc.
This. This is the way things should be. For some reason, the West decided the opposite and Saga's were considering small chunks of a larger story when it comes to Dragon Ball. You can just look at it's wiki for proof, it always confused me (I think they actually marketed like that which is why but I don't know).

I've always considered it the Future Trunks Saga myself, mostly because he's the thread that ties everything together. That whole saga is kind of loosey-goosey due to editorial input (and thank god for editorial input, can you imagine how the story would've played out if Android 19 & Dr. Gero were the only villains of the story like originally planned?) but they're definitely threaded together.

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