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Interesting video:

I actually wondered why they bothered making these if they score so low. Well, money. It is just money.

They score low over all but end up making revenue that is decent, all things considered. I personally have enjoyed a few of them but, I was a kid at the time. Had they come out today, I likely would not have enjoyed them nearly as much. Now they just have a nostalgia stamp on them for me.

Do you think there will ever be a video game movie that truly breaks the barrier? A lot of people consider that Pikachu detective movie to be that, but plenty of Pokemon fans have not even seen it, I am one of them.


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I always liked the first Resident Evil. Every one after that was complete ass. But the first one was great. And I hear they have new people taking another stab at it who supposedly will stay more true to the video game.
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I love the cheesy older video game-based films, purely because they're 80s/90s cheese-fests. They're not meant to be taken seriously, and no, they don't really hold up over time unless you're looking for something to have a laugh at. Detective Pikachu does seem to be breaking the mold a bit, though I have yet to actually watch it. What sort of gets me is that modern games sort of are movies unto themselves. Ever sat down and watch the YT compilations of one of the Halo games, or especially one of the Mass Effect games? Art, and a lot longer than a typical movie. Wouldn't mind seeing an actually good movie based on video games, but we've seen so many bad ones, it's probably best not to blend the too worlds. We've also seen a plethora or movies adapted into bad video games, so yeah, maybe best to leave the two worlds separate.
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