Other What Anime Are You Watching This Season?

Teen Gohan

Saiyan Grunt
I haven't had much time to watch a lot of series that much, but I've been checking out Dr Stone. It's enjoyable for what it is.

I heard Fire Force, Demon Slayer and Vinland Saga have been good so far too. Just haven't had the time.

India Actual

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Demon Slayer is a must watch. It’s one of the best animated shows I’ve seen in a long time. Black Clover is a good show when it doesn’t stray too much into filler territory. The manga is very good. Fire Force, I’m still feeling it out. I started watching it because I heard it made some SJW types on Twitter mad with how it pulled off comedic tropes with female characters.


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I don't really pay attention to seasons, but right meow I'm watching a lot of different shows. As @India Actual mentioned, Demon Slayer is a must watch. Very good. Also working on the second season of Food Wars. Also watching The Ancient Magus' Bride. Have much more in my queue :D

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