Who was the weakest link in the ToP?

Weakest Z Fighter in the ToP?

  • Goku

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  • Vegeta

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  • Frieza

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  • Piccolo

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  • Android 17

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  • Android 18

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  • Master Roshi

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  • Gohan

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  • Tien Shinhan

    Votes: 1 50.0%
  • Krillin

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Assuming you have kept up with the series or finished it awhile back (subbed version), we know enough about the Tournament of Power to establish who the weakest link was.

One would assume it would be the first knocked out of the tournament but I think there needs to be more to it than that. Clearly some of the Z fighters are stronger than other ones after all.

Vote and share your thoughts!


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My point of view pertains to the anime, not the manga, which I believe had some different results. I voted Krillin. He was the first one out and only had assists on knocking others out. Tien Shinhan was second out and knocked an individual out by himself. Krillin also got bitched by Frosts' tail attack.

That said, it was a team effort and everyone contributed and gave their best.
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