10 DBS Fights That Are Different In The Manga


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10. Goku Versus Beerus - In the manga this battle is much shorter, rushed, and lacked emotional direction.
9. Goku/Piccolo/Vegeta Versus Frost - Frost is seen as more of a threat in the anime where the manga depicts him as a cheat and scumbag.
8. Goku Versus Hit - Hit is overwhelmed by Goku's SSB form in the manga.
7. Goku Versus Future Trunks - Goku goes Super Saiyan God to one-up Future Trunks.
6. Future Trunks Versus Goku Black & Zamasu - Future Trunks is supportive in this battle and Goku gets the final blow.
5. Vegeta Versus Goku Black - Vegeta uses a mix of Supr Saiyan God and SSB to overwhelm Goku Black.
4. Goku Versus Zamasu - Goku uses the Hakai against Zamasu in a later fight between the two.
3. Goku Versus Toppo - Toppo beats Goku outright and knocks him out of the tournament.
2. Goku Versus Jiren - Goku reaches UI by way of zen in the manga.
1. Goku/Frieza/17 Versus Jiren - Frieza and 17’s roles are minimized in the manga.

Pulled from this article: https://www.cbr.com/dragon-ball-super-fights-different-in-manga/


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I don't recall any more differences, but I do remember reading the manga and noticing quite a few differences and was wondering if my memory was failing me or if it was really that different.

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