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While I know GT is not everyone's favorite series and I know plenty who don't care for it at all, for those of you who have seen it... Which saga would you consider the best?

The Black Dragon Ball Saga opens the GT series with 16 episodes focused on locating these special balls that were spread across the universe.
The Baby Saga lasted 23 episodes and focused on Baby, the Tuffle parasite taking over the Earth.
The Super 17 Saga is only 7 episodes long and focuses on the resurrection of Android 16 with Dr. Gero joins forces with Dr. Myuu teaming up.
And finally, the Shadow Dragon Saga that was 16 episodes and focuses on an "evil Shenron" and him showing up being caused by everyone overusing the Dragon Balls, abusing their power.

India Actual

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Baby saga for me. He was GT’s best villain by far because he actually had clear motivation for why he hated the Saiyans. While not a perfect story by far it had the best that GT had to offer.

Plus, Super Saiyan 4 gets introduced. MSS4GA!!
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Yoshioka Seijuro

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Yeah, the Baby Saga is also the best for me personally, although I can understand if someone prefers the Shadow Dragon Saga as well. However, the Black Star Dragon Ball Saga is a poor man's version of the Pilaf Saga, and Super 17 is one of the worst Story Arcs in the franchise.


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I'd say the final saga, since it finally put the show out of its misery.

Really though, if I'd have to pick one I'd also go with the Baby saga.
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