SPOILER! Chapter 65

Mustafar Reginald

Elite Saiyan Warrior
The chapter was really good to excellent. I'm guessing that image in the spoiler was the only thing people saw a few weeks ago when people were complaining about Goku so much that he wound up trending on Twitter. I never looked into it, though I assumed (I'm assuming I've typed enough that the latest activity post will no longer show me talking about spoilers, so spoilers forthcoming not in a tag since that spoilers should be obvious from the thread name) it was basically about Goku sparing Moro. The arc went out of it's way to explore Goku's willingness to spare his opponents in battle despite their evil actions, so it would've been worse writing had they not paid off on that (especially since it would've been out of character for Goku). Had I only seen that leak, I probably would've been more on the edge, but actually reading the chapter it was clear that Goku knew just how above he was Moro and that there was zero threat. Goku's actions were selfish and kinda reckless but they weren't stupid.

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