SPOILER! DBS Chapter 64

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We've got the new chapter dropping on Viz on Friday morning. Leaks are dropping and this is where we're at.....

Mastered UI Goku is back!

Here's what I think after reviewing what was presented. Goku will
drop the f*ckin ball because he's going to end up sparing Moro. Beerus or Vegeta will get the kill to ultimately save the day because Goku's achilles heel is sparing strong opponents over his Earthling mortality.

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Not going to spoiler tag since this thread is spoiler tagged. Will however mention that so the Latest Activity doesn't spoiler. Honestly thought the chapter was kinda disappointing with how easily Goku turned the tide after Moro's complete dominance just two chapters ago. It makes sense mind you, it's just such a jarring 180 that it doesn't really land dramatically. I definitely agree that Goku's probably going to end up sparing Moro, they made a deal during Goku's training with Merus to delve into Goku's reasoning behind that mentality, and I think if it ends up with Vegeta finally saving the day and defeating Moro, the arc will have a far stronger ending.

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