Did you watch DBZ or DB first?


I actually started with Dragon Ball Z in the late 90's. I didn't watch Dragon Ball up until a few years ago. I kept putting it off thinking I wouldn't like it as much and I ended up loving it.

I would imagine there are other people out there who watched them out of order as well. Really, it didn't have much of an impact on hurting the series for me, I think I ended up enjoying it even more because of it. Had I watched Dragon Ball and enjoyed it a lot, I think the over the top fighting and use of energy in DBZ might of put me off. Who knows.

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Same here, I started watching Z first and then DB when I realized it was thing and could find parts of it to watch. Didn't watch the whole thing in order until they came out with the box sets, and even then I'm STILL missing volumes 4 and 5 for DB...go go procrastination!

(that's not to say I haven't seen all of DB, just haven't watched it in proper order)

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I watched DBZ around 96-97 when it was the Saban produced Ocean dub. Like many of who remember this release, I was frustrated for years because it kept going to a certain point in the Namek saga and then started over because they never dubbed past that point. I started getting the VHS tapes of the Funimation dub when I was in high school and I believe I saw up to the end of the Cell saga before I joined the military. Once I was stationed in Japan I was able to get my hands on the original Japanese for the first time with subtitles. I never looked back.

I didn't see Dragon Ball until years later, probably around around 2006. I saw it on re-runs on Toonami. I watched it in Japanese streamed online just a few years ago. Now I have the DVDs so my life is complete.

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My second earliest memory in life is seeing a commercial for Dragon Ball Z and going "I need to see this". Dragon Ball Z was the series of my childhood. It was only this year that I finally got around to reading Dragon Ball, lol. Previously I had only seen a few scattered episodes and known the broad strokes of what happened. Glad I finally crossed that off my bucket list, turns out Dragon Ball is pretty good, yo.

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