SPOILER! Dragon Ball Super - Ep. 120 Discussion


★★ ʜᴀᴋᴀɪ ★★

Dragon Ball Super Episode 120 Air Date July 20th, 2019
"The Perfect Survival Strategy! 3rd Universe's Menacing Assassin!"
Following the elimination of Universe 4, the remaining fighters from Universe 3 take the offensive against Universe 7. While Viara is defeated and eliminated by Android 17 and Android 18's combined efforts, Paparoni (パパロニ Paparoni) sends Panchia, Koitsukai, and Bollarator to attack Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta. To help Goku and Vegeta save their energy to confront Universe 11, Gohan decides to face the three robots alone. He gains the upper hand until Paparoni has them combine together into a much stronger robot called Koichiarator (コイチアレータ Koichiarēta). Koichiarator overpowers Gohan until Goku and Vegeta step in. The two distract the enemy, while Gohan charges and strikes with an attack powerful enough to defeat it. With his robots defeated, Paparoni refuses to surrender and declares that he will unleash his trump card on Universe 7.

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