News Dragon Ball Super Manga Introduces New Character With the Same Name As Previous Dragon Ball FighterZ World Champ


The Dragon Ball franchise is certainly no stranger to including references and puns to its characters and world considering the entire Saiyan race is named after vegetables, but potential ties to real-world figures are nowhere near as common for a variety of reasons.

Chapter 67 for the Dragon Ball Super manga released this past weekend, and fighting game players quickly caught wind of a brand new character that was introduced which just so happens to share a name with the previous world champion in Dragon Ball FighterZ, Goichi "CO|Go1" Kishida.

Note: very minor spoilers for the new chapter follow.

Now that the Moro arc of the story has seemingly wrapped, the set up begins with a handful of additions to the world including a man referred to as Master Goichi.

Given his so far brief appearance though, there's very little actually known about Goichi aside from the fact that he's the leader of the crew who previously kept Seven-Three among their ranks.

As to whether or not Master Goichi is actually a nod / reference to Go1, we can't really be certain though I'm not sure how I'd feel having a character named after me who is designed like that — while still being honored of course for even being considered for something has massive as Dragon Ball.


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