Dragon Ball GT GT is better than Super [Vague Super Spoilers ITT]

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I'll get my thoughts out on GT and why I like it better than Super.

For Super, I'll say I like a few of the fights better than GT. For GT, I like the overall story a bit more than Super as far as continuing the Z story goes. Like what really was Super? Goku getting a hard-on for strong fighters. No real plot, no character development for anyone except maybe Gohan, Krillin and Android 17 but really, who cares?

GT to me was a show that had a great concept, but failed execution. They could have dragged it for at least 100+ episodes and made it interesting.

A lot of people disliked Goku turning into a kid. I honestly didn't really care, I don't think the show would change my perspective on it whether he was a kid or not. If anything, they could have done something like having another character turned into a kid like Chi Chi, Bulma or Master Roshi. I don't know, just throwing names.

Second mistake was having Pan be on the flight. Really should have been Goten and they could have pushed Goten and Trunks as the top new Z fighters. Vegeta also being a part of it would have been cool too.

Third mistake was rushing everything. Super Android 17 arc could have been at least 15+ episodes but for some reason it was only 6-7?

What you guys think?
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I didn't think I would like GT as much as I did. At first, Goku being a kid did bug me but at the same time... He wasn't much different. I mean he is like a kid in an adult's body now when you think about it. I was not a fan of Pan at all. She had her moments but annoyed me quite a bit. I hear that the beginning of GT was meant to last much longer than they did but they cut it down a lot when the story felt too dragged out. I think they then rushed the rest of it which wasn't needed it.

Super to me is mainly just a focus point for expanding the Dragon Ball universe. They introduced multiple new universes filled with new characters and new opportunities. Universe 7 kind of ran its course in terms of villains. They did a good job going back to future Trunks in Super though. That is in my top 3 of all the sagas. What happened before that was a bit sloppy and what comes after feels slow at times but I still really enjoyed it a lot.

I don't think GT is better or worse overall, but for particular reasons, it is better and for particular reasons, it is worse. If I had to choose one, I would go with Super just based on the expansion of characters and opening the door to future series they do.


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Overall GT had better building and character balance. They just couldn't execute properly which soured it for me and a lot of other fans. It felt too slow at times and too rushed at other times. I get why people like yourself OP would prefer GT over Super and had it been executed better, I would agree but Super had too many things I enjoyed to say GT was indeed the better series.

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Of course GT is better than Super. GT by its own merits is a pretty bad spin off to Dragon Ball, but Super has more plotholes in it than any part of the franchise. Not to mention the extremely poor animation quality during the Battle Of Gods and Revival Of Freeza Sagas.


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ummm....damn, this is a tough one. GT was so awful... I actually enjoyed parts of Super, but agree about the plot holes. And to be honest, the constant Saiyan transformations are just out of hand. I really liked the idea about the Super Saiyan God and how it was temporary, but then there's Super Saiyan Blue (SSJGSS) and now a hint for a green version?? Then there's Ultra Instinct, which seems cool at first, but when you really think about it, makes no sense. They're going to go through all the colors in the rainbow by the time they're done with Dragonball.

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