Manga With Hiatuses

Yoshioka Seijuro

Elite Saiyan Warrior
Super Saiyan 3
Berserk, Hunter X Hunter, Vagabond, and Vinland Saga. One Piece to a lesser extent too.

Do you guys have hope that any of these will finish. One Piece will definitely finish, and I think Berserk, Hunter X Hunter, and Vinland Saga will too, although those three will take more time. It's only Vagabond that I think is done for.

India Actual

Elite Saiyan Warrior
Super Saiyan 4
The only one I read is Berserk which started in 1989. To be fair I was initiated to it in the early 2000's from the 90's anime series. The author might finish the series up but the question is am I going to make it?! I was 6 years old when it was first published and he's only up to 360 chapters. If he keeps going at this rate I'll be retired before he finishes.

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