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ok, when Goku and Piccolo where fighting Raditz the highest power level Goku got to, was 1030 when he did his Kamehameha, the highest Piccolo got when he was doing the Light of death was 1330, but when Gohan got mad because he could hear his father(Goku) screaming because Raditz was cracking Goku ribs, his power level was 1307! he was more powerful then Goku when Goku did the Kamehameha! Gohan was not more powerful than piccolo at the time but its still cool Gohan got that powerful when he was only four. ok so in the dragon ball super manga trunks super Sayian 2 was as powerful as Goku's super Sayian 3 that's cool. just thought i'd tell you guys that because I thought it was cool.
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Gohan's Saiyan rage is what unlocked his power. He was not able to control it at first. This is why he was more powerful than Goku. I don't think we actually saw Goku's true Saiyan rage until he turned into a Super Saiyan facing Frieza. Ironically enough, having the emotion come from the heart and not the head is how they obtain the transformation. He had a cleaner, more kind spirit that effectively caused him to transform. I have a theory that this is because a Saiyan has to go against their own biological nature and overcome it to truly master the power. This is why Vegeta also struggled with it so much.

As for Trunks SS2 and Goku;'s SS3, I have not read the manga but I would guess this was down to brute force. Trunks was much stronger but much slower and quicker to drain his energy so he still was considered weaker. I wish they touched more on SS3. I feel like it should have been a bigger deal than it was in the anime.

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