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Starting power levels

-Goku: 416

-Piccolo: 408

-Yamcha: 160

-Tien: 200

-Chiaotzo: 120

-Gohan: 710

-Krillin: 206

Raditz Fight

-Raditz: 1,500

-Enraged Gohan: 1,307

-Raditz Post-Gohan attack: 900

Nappa Fight

-Nappa: 6,000

-Piccolo: 2,500

-Krillin: 1,500

-Tien: 1,300

-Yamcha: 1,200

-Gohan: 1,500

-Saibamen: 1,200

Vegeta Fight

-Vegeta: 18,000

-Goku: 8,200

-Goku Kaioken x3: 17,000

Vegeta Post-Beam Struggle: 9,000

-Oozaru Gohan: 15,000

-Oozaru Vegeta: 180,000

-Vegeta Post-Spirit Bomb: 1,500

-Vegeta Post-Oozaru Collision: 500


Cui: 18,000

Dodoria: 20,000

Zarbon: 22,000

Zarbon Transformed: 27,000

Nail: 42,000

Vegeta: 22,000

Vegeta Post-Healing Chamber: 26,000

Ginyu Force Fight

Krillin: 11,000

Gohan: 14,000

Vegeta: 30,000

Vegeta Post-Senzu Bean: 34,000

Recoome: 40,000

Burter: 35,000

Jeice: 30,000

Guldo: 9,000

Captain Ginyu: 120,000

Goku: 90,000

Post-King Kai Training

Piccolo: 50,000

Tien: 35,000

Yamcha: 35,000

Chiaotzu: 15,000

Frieza Fight

Vegeta Post-Nap Zenkai: 480,000

Frieza 1st Form: 530,000

Frieza 2nd Form: 1,100,000

Gohan Post Heal Zenkai: 200,000

Frieza 3rd Form: 1,600,000

Vegeta Post-Heal Zenkai: 700,000

Enraged Gohan: 2,000,000

Frieza Post-Gohan attack: 1,000,000

Piccolo Post-Nail Fusion: 900,000

Frieza Final Form 1%: 3,000,000

Goku Post-Heal Zenkai: 3,000,000

Frieza Final Form 50%: 150,000,000

Frieza Post-Spirit Bomb: 75M

SSJ Goku: 160M

Frieza Final Form 100%: 150M

Trunks Entrance

Mecha Frieza: 200M

SSJ Trunks: 300M

SSJ Goku Post Yardrat: 400M

Anroid 19 fight

Android 19: 250M

Android 19 Fully Charged: 350M

Infected SSJ Goku: 300M

SSJ Vegeta: 500M

Android 20: 100M

Android 20 Fully Charged: 200M

Androids Intro

Android 18: 850B

Android 17: 900M

Cell Intro

Imperfect Cell: 1,000,000,000

Piccolo Post-Kami Fusion: 900M

Cell Post-Absorption Spree: 1.5B

Android 16: 1.1B

Semi-Perfect Cell: 2B

Trunks Post-HBTC: 3.5B

Vegeta Post-HBTC: 5B

Trunks Ascended SSJ: 6B

Perfect Cell: 20B

Cell Games

Hercule Satan: 25

Gohan Post-HBTC: 10B

Goku Post-HBTC: 15B

Vegeta Post-HBTC 2: 8B

Cell Jr.: 10B

SSJ2 Gohan: 40B

Super Perfect Cell: 30B

Gohan damaged: 30B

Babidi's Spaceship Fights

Vegeta Base: 250M

Pui Pui: 2,000

Yakon: 4B

SSJ Gohan: 8B

Dabura: 30B

SSJ2 Majin Vegeta: 70B

SSJ2 Goku: 65B

Majin Buu Intro

Fat Buu: 150B

SSJ3 Goku: 300B

Super Buu: 400B

SSJ Trunks: 100M

SSJ Goten: 80M

Gotenks: 100B

SSJ Gotenks: 200B

Gotenks Post-HBTC: 300B

SSJ Gotenks: 600B

SSJ3 Gotenks: 2.5 Trillion

Buutenks: 2 Trillion

Mystic Gohan: 3 Trillion

Buuhan: 2.5 Trillion

Vegito: 10 Trillion

Kid Buu: 250B
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Yoshioka Seijuro

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I suggest you throw out the Daiz numbers, like Raditz being 1,500 and especially Piccolo being 3,500 and Nappa being 4,000. Nappa should without a doubt be in the 7,000 - 7,500 ballpark. Only Daiz numbers I would bother including are the late Freeza Battle Powers, and that's because no real numbers are given outside 2nd Suppression Form Freeza being 1,000,000 and to prevent bloating.

Goku Kaioken x3 - 24,000. Not debatable.

Dodoria - 20,000. Zarbon Initial - 22,000.

Krillin and Gohan in the Ginyu Saga > Guldo. Guldo's battle power could be as high as 10,000, but Gohan and Krillin were still stronger.

Android 20 is also > Android 19. This is also not debatable.

I might post my battle powers again sometime today.


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like Raditz being 1,500
I put Raditz at 1,500 myself, but Daiz merely confirmed it. I've always operated on the assumption that a direct hit of equal or greater power = death. That said, for Raditz to survive Gohan's attack and continue to outmatch Piccolo and Goku, he must have been higher than 1,307. But you also can't make it much higher than 1,500, because Vegeta compared the Saibamen to Raditz.

Goku Kaioken x3 - 24,000. Not debatable.
Math/Multiplier wise, yeah... but I take issue with the fact that a discrepancy like that in other fights meant easy victory. For instance, 24k Vegeta destroyed 18k Cui with almost no effort. So how is it that 24k Goku, even if only temporarily powered, can't seem to even get the upper hand on Vegeta, let alone easily defeat him?

Sometimes you have to defy the multipliers and adjust for what makes more sense. What makes more sense to me is that even though Goku calls it a 3x, he's not getting the full 3x out of it for whatever reason.

Dodoria - 20,000. Zarbon Initial - 22,000.
I debated on lowering them similarly. I did think that the gap between Vegeta and Transformed Zarbon was a bit small for how badly Vegeta lost. So these numbers do help that make more sense.

Krillin and Gohan in the Ginyu Saga > Guldo. Guldo's battle power could be as high as 10,000, but Gohan and Krillin were still stronger.
I didn't put much thought into that one. Now that you got me remembering, Krillin and Gohan were outclassing him. However, you do have to factor in that it's 2v1.
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Why are the Ginyu Force members showing a discrepancy in power like that? They were noted to all have about the same amount of ki, but that's not the case when Jeice is 30k and Recoome is 40k.

Why is post-Nail fused Piccolo weaker than 2nd Form Freeza when the fight showed the opposite? 2nd Form Freeza (1mil+, suppressed) < Piccolo (weighted) < 2nd Form Freeza (powered up) < 2nd Form Freeza (full power) ~< Piccolo (unweighted); the last part of the chain is because we never saw them going all-out against each other since Freeza opted to transform after Piccolo removed his weights.

Imperfect Cell when we first see him in Ginger Town shouldn't be stronger than Android 17 and post-Kami fused Piccolo. Cell was noted to be stronger than SSJ Vegeta at the time, but he was clearly inferior to a suppressed Piccolo (who was said to rival the androids).

Post-HTC Gohan was superior to post-HTC Goku even without Super Saiyan 2. This was stated by Goku and confirmed by Cell, and shown in their fights with Cell where Goku was always "1 or 2 steps behind" while the same Cell couldn't lay a finger on Gohan without increasing his speed, and then once he did, he was unable to inflict any damage beyond a superficial forehead wound. Take Cell out of the picture and you'd see Gohan being too fast and too durable for Goku to compete with.

Goku and Majin Vegeta were stated to be completely equal. Vegeta shouldn't be superior even if it's by a small amount.

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