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supersaiyan three takes all your potiential from a users body and coverts it into power. all of your potiential. so that means it should be the last ssform because you dont have anymore potiential. so that means ssgod ssblue dosent exsist, now ss4 is just the great ape in human form and legendaryss is the great apes rage so they dont count. even though it changes you into a god you dont have anymore potiential. for crying out loud SUPER SAIYAN THREE AMOST DESTROYED THE EARTH that one punch when he fought beerus for the first time in ss3 shoulda exploded the planet (kiao samas planet). super has lots of stuff wrong. (to me) im a dragonballZ fan but i hate super.


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Some people don't like Super and some downright hate it. I can understand why with the power levels alone but there is still a basis for a good story there. I enjoyed it all, even the ToP. It certainly was not DBZ quality good but I can't hate on it.

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SSJ3 is a useless transformation for a lot of reasons, but one being is that the body can't handle so much energy output all at once. In the more than 4 years between the Buu arc and Battle of Gods, Goku hasn't shown he has mastered the form. Sure he can probably withstand the energy consumption a bit better through training, but it's not for long battles.

The prevailing school of thought by Toriyama is that Super Saiyan is the way to go because you can continue to build limitless potential on top of it just by training yourself. It doesn't stress the body as proven by Goku and Gohan mastering it during the Cell arc. SSB is just god ki stacked on top of normal Super Saiyan. Initially it comes with it's own stamina related problems because they have mortal bodies and aren't natural gods. Yet, in the anime they're shown to have overcome it's flaws and even more so in the manga have they not only trained their bodies better to withstand it, but created transformation techniques to get around the stamina drain flaw until their bodies were properly trained and adapted to the transformation. That's why the manga is clear there is such a thing as Perfected Super Saiyan Blue just like how they mastered Super Saiyan all those years ago during the Cell arc.

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