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I know this is not everyone's cup of tea but I have been watching this show from the beginning and love how it is written and how deep and meaningful the messages in the story are. I just watched the latest episode and cried again, for like the 100% time. I am such a baby LOL. Anyone else watch this here?

The latest episode:

The character Randal reconnects with his mother Laurel in such a beautiful way. We learn that she was in love with a Vietnamese immigrant named Hai who came here after the war and he loved her from the moment he met her. She came from a wealthy family in New Orleans and has to escape her disapproving father and moved to Chicago where she ended up on heroin. She met another man, fell in love, and had Randal. She shot up one night to ease her pain and paramedics thought she had died the next morning so the father (William) took baby Randal and dropped him off at a fire station because he knew he was not able to raise him on his own. Turns out she was still alive, went to prison, and later died of breast cancer just 5 years prior to Randal finding out everything. They had a scene where he got into the lake where she first met Hai and it was beautifully done.

For anyone who doesn't know about the show, it follows three siblings (a set of male/female twins and their adopted brother) through family struggles, life, loss, and growth.

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I think my sister might have been watching this and I caught a couple of episodes, it was an interesting series, but not one I've ever gone back to. Might do that hearing a bit about the plot.
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