"Unsolved Mysteries" in Dragon Ball


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The video has DBS spoilers and Dragon Ball Super: Broly spoilers as well so be warned!

Here is a list of the mysteries in the video above:

1: The wish made at the end of DBS: Broly
2: Lunch/Launch's disappearance
3: Goku's mind reading technique that was never used again
4: How did Goku really escape Namek
5: What did Captain Ginyu look like originally
6: Kaio-ken only taught to Goku
7: The moon reappeared again, and again
8: Vegeta's mother
9: Tarble's tail in question
10: Goku's solo training in Dragon Ball
11: Zamasu started his 0 mortals plan in the future for no reason
12: Beerus said he wiped out the dinosaurs yet they were still on earth throughout the series
13: Only heroes can keep their bodies in the after life yet plenty villains and none-heroes have kept their bodies
14: Half saiyan tail mystery
15: Goten and Trunks aren't getting older
16: Energy breaking the universe/reality
17: Two unknown saiyans lived on after Planet Vegeta was destroyed but were never shown
18: Master Roshi's long, long life (immortality)
19: Android 16 was never brought back
20: Everyone knows how powerful the Z fighters are - yet they forgot?

Feel free to talk on any one of the mysteries listed or making a thread dedicated to one of them if you have a lot to say.

Yoshioka Seijuro

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I think that Goku was taught the Kaioken and not the other Z Fighters because he was in a dire situation and they kind of weren't.

Android 16 was not an organic being, so he could never be brought back to life.

The others I don't know how to explain. I'll watch the video later, although I will probably skip the Dragon Ball Super spoilers.
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